Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Noobie Foodie│Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

Hello beautiful people! 
Following my post about fried chicken last week I decided to blog about a little food adventure I had in Melbourne recently! FEATURING FRIED CHICKEN! This was one of the BEST fried chicken I've ever had! Context: it was during a really cold, rainy night and we got hungry during the bar hopping so we decided to try out Hot Star and IT WAS WORTH IT! NO REGRETS! 

So on to the food... 
We just got the Original Fried Chicken ($8) and it was WORTH EVERY DOLLAR! First of all the size of the fried chicken really surprised me!! The size of the chicken was bigger than my face - I can't really imagine eating it by myself! 

So it was a little bit oily but the chicken was so moist and juicy! I loved it within the first bite! SO GOOD!! There were some bones in it but there wasn't many and by the time we reached the chicken we were so full! 
So happy eating chicken! 

IT's bigger than my face! 
The thing with Hot Star is there is usually a pretty long line so it take a while to get the chicken but we got really lucky and there was no line so we got served within 2-3 minutes, it was so efficient! 

Read more for the full review!

Location: ★★★☆☆ 
Well we went to the one in Melbourne so it's pretty hard for me to comment on how convenient it is since we just stayed in the city! The one in Sydney is on Liverpool Street which is pretty convenient and easy to find. 
Menu: ★★★☆☆
Since it's a take away fried chicken place it's mainly chicken in different flavours and chips. I really want to try the sweet potato fries! 
At Melbourne! 

Taste: ★★★★☆
DELICIOUS! SO DELICIOUS! Definitely worth a try! Especially perfect for a cold night in between drinks! Perfect way to sober up so that you can drink more. 
Price: ★★★★★
REALLY WELL PRICED! $8 for a massive piece of chicken - WORTH IT! 
Overall: ★★★★☆
For a takeaway fried chicken place it's great! Of course it's not the best fried chicken I've ever had but it's cheap and quick so I wouldn't complain! Now that I'm back in Sydney I'm definitely craving it! 
Hot Star Large Fried Chicken on Urbanspoon

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken on Urbanspoon


  1. Nice and tasty chicken. I want to try it but I think I have already tasted it before. I just cant remember when. If I am not mistaken in one of the nowra hotels. I tasted it.

    1. TRY IT! :D it's pretty good I would recommend it!

  2. hehe love hot star! so good but so bad :P

    1. OMG I totally get what you mean! HAHA it's soo good but soo unhealthy! :P

  3. It looks yum! Your nails are cute!

  4. cant go wrong with fried chicken ;p

  5. so good but so bad, so tender and juicy too!

    1. HAHAH I know right! :D
      delicious guilt soo guilty!