Friday, 29 November 2013

3D Re-wearable Japanese Nail (゜▼゜*)

Recently I've really gotten into different forms of nail art because my work don't let us have any coloured or structured nail polish since it'll most likely damaged the products that we sell! And as a rule of life - when you can't have something you'll want it more! 
After seeing my friend's (Becky-chan) photo of her absolutely adorable nail pictures on Instagram I absolutely love them and wanted to blog about them ASAP! :3  


Simple plain blue checkers with 3D ribbons and bling attached! 

These nails are so damn cute!! I absolutely love them to bits and pieces! 

Alpaca nails - with a floral background so cute! 
Simple black and red bling and ribbon 3D nails :) 
Christmas special nails with bears :) SO CUTE! the pink ribbons remind of something else though... hahah :P 
Another Christmas special BEAR SANTA :) 
Rilakkuma Summer special <3 CUTENESS!! 
Basic Features:
- 3D customised designer Japanese nails
- Stones and designs all set on fake nails
- 100% hand made in Japan 
- bought from: Ohimenailstyle on Etsy

How to Use 3D fake nails:

There's a few ways to attach fake nails - glue or tape! So the tap is more recommended because it's a double sided tap and once on it's much easier to remove compared to the glue! It sticks really well and doesn't damage the nail beds as much. They need to be cut and customised to suit each nail shape (even though they come in different sizes already) but that's not too difficult and once you get the hang of it shouldn't be a challenge! 
Here's how they look once on:

They look soo adorable on the fingers! I absolutely LOVE LOVE ♥ them so I shall be purchasing some myself! 
These are the ones I want to purchase:

How pretty are the available designs! They're sooo nice!! 
And finally I wrote a table of Pros and Cons for these Japanese 3D nails for anyone interesting in purchasing them! 
  • Can be reused many times
  • Designs can be customized and made to fit your nails specifically
  • The price ranges from $5 to $30 depending on the design 
  • It’s 100% handmade so the quality of the nails are guaranteed
  • It’s really good value because manicures are so expensive
  • The tap is affordable $2.8 from any Daiso store
  • Shipping is FREE (standard!)
  • The seller is very friendly and will discuss with you in great detail about the design
  • If damaged can be difficult to fix
  • The tap has to be cut to fit which can be a bit tricky
  • The shipping can take a while because they’re shipped from Japan
  • Need to be very careful with your hands because they are fragile
  • The removal process can be time consuming
  • I’m not allowed to wear them for work and I’m working a lot :’(
  • if you have a complex design it can be pricey 
 Anyway I definitely would recommend checking out her page!! And once I receive mine I shall definitely write a more detailed post about how to put them on how to remove them & a review of the quality! :)

♥ Lingfish~ 

P.s Thank you Becky for helping with taking photos :3 

Monday, 25 November 2013

Dolly Wink Liquid Eye Liner Review - Old and NEW ♥

MOI :) 
For everyone that doesn't know I have very very small mono lid Asian Eyes (I can rant for the entire post about that topic alone but I'll save it) so eye liner is one of the MOST IMPORTANT make up things that I must have on ALL THE TIME! If I don't have to do my entire eyes I must at least have eye liner on so I've used quite a range of eye liners and  today I wanted to review the Dolly Wink Eye Liners both of them are liquid! (ノ^∇^) 
Some background: Dolly Wink is a part of the Japanese company Koji and created by the famous GAL model Tsubasa Masuwaka. 
Miss Tsubasa Masuwaka

Dolly Wink Eye Liner Version 1 - THE BEST EYE LINER I'VE EVER USED! 

How the Pen looks Uncapped! THIN and SHARP!

Colour: Black 
The colour of the eye liner is dark and it doesn't require a lot of strokes to build up it's naturally quite a dark ink which is convenient because I frequently draw my eye liner while I'm in a moving vehicle (mostly the bus) so it helps that I can get a dark black line very quickly.
Brush/Tip: Soft and sharp
The tip is like any precision liner very sharp and it's soft so it doesn't feel harsh on the sensitive skin of the eye lids. 
My skin especially around my eyes are very oily and I also dance so I sweat quite a bit but this eye liner can really hack the harsh environments! It doesn't fade very easily and stays on until the end of the day! Some times it does smudge a little bit but compared to MANY other eye liners I've tried (I can review all the others..maybe later) It's by far the longest lasting! 
Price and Accessibility: 
It's not the cheapest eye liner I bought it for $12 or $13 at a SASA Pop up store in Sydney around 2 years ago so in terms accessibility - it's really not easy to get! Since it's always out of stock at the online stores and I can't find it in Australia! 
The saddest thing is the lip of my beautiful eye liner come off and it DRIED (。┰ω┰。) 
I was upset for a VERY VERY VERY long time and I tried to fix by putting in water which worked for a little while but the consistency and the colour was never the same as before it dried and soon the hair on the brush started fraying because of all the water. Make up isn't suited for such harsh environments! So I purchased another eye liner when I went to Japan the same but the second version!

Dolly Wink Eye Liner VERSION 2 - NOT THE SAME!  


Colour: BLACK
The colour was still the same fairly dark and easy to create a black bold line without too much effort and it survived the drawing on the bus test that was good! 
Brush/Tip: Soft and Sharp
The brush was still soft, sharp and hard the same qualities as the old brush so at first I thought the new Dolly Wink Eye liner would be the perfect replacement for my old one! 
Longevity: LIKE ONE HOUR?
This is the part where they differ like night and day! This eye liner looks exactly the same the first version for the FIRST hour then it goes very steeply down hill! It doesn't smudge much either which is good but it FLAKES! Oh yes it flakes.. instead of a complete black line the line starts fading then small black dots start falling from the eye liner creating a strange hollow line! Then the flakes get on my face and create mini black mole/freckle things everywhere!! It was SUCH A MESS! 
I've never been told that I need to fix my eye liner until I've used this one! To be fair if I'm not doing anything extremely strenuous i.e. just staying at home it's fine but when I'm out boy it's so inconvenient!! 

Recommendation: VERSION ONE! If you can find it!! 

For myself I would definitely get the first version - ANY DAY! But I'm definitely not so keen on the second version! It was definitely incredibly disappointing with its none existing staying power and messiness! I wouldn't recommend it! Personally I'm on the hunt for another good eye liner (lots of hours on the internet and time at the shops ensures)! 


♥ Lingfish~ 

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Noobie Foodie │Chat Thai Westfield

Noobie Foodie Restaurant Reviews (●´)

This is how I’m planning to name my Restaurant reviews since I’m definitely no expert on food (except that I LOVE to eat) so this is probably the most appropriate name! I’m a noob foodie FOR SURE!!
Westfield Pitt St Mall  is one of the most frequently visited shopping centres in Sydney and part of the reason is because there’s a HUGE variety of delicious food at the food court! So after work one day my friend and I decided to go and grab some lunch at Chat Thai which is an in-house Thai restaurant on the sixth level of Pitt St Mall. Chat Thai’s always been a really popular restaurant due to their affordable and delicious food but the problem is there’s often a queue which can sometimes turn me away from this lovely restaurant.
Outside of the restaurant :)

We arrived right before the lunch time rush so luckily there was no queue and we could be seated right away to eat!
Contact Details 

Here are my ratings for Chat Thai:

Location: ★★★★★
Pitt St Mall is pretty much located in the city of Sydney so it’s incredibly easy to find on the large scale and getting to the food court is made really simple by the long escalator next to Sport’s Girl. Chat Thai is just one more level above the food court so it’s very easy to find and really well located.
Here's a map for your convenience! 
Hipster filters yeahh 
Chat Thai carry one of the most extensive Thai menus I’ve ever come across in Sydney! They deviated far from the ordinary Pad Thai and Pad See Ew to the point I don’t really know what most of the food is (thank goodness for pictures)! So there’s definitely lots of interesting things to try (for the adventurous side of us).
Taste: ★★★★☆ 
Delicious! Definitely full of flavour and spice! I would recommend going for the taste especially if you’re used to the thai food packed with MSG Chat Thai has a much more delicate flavour!
Price: ★★★★★
The price is very very affordable especially for people on a student budget that wants to eat good food (like myself)! $15 can get you a very decent meal at this restaurant and even though the portions are not massive it’s definitely filling unless you eat like a monster then I’m not sure..
Overall: ★★★★☆
 This restaurant is definitely worth trying out especially if you’re in the mood for thai food! The dishes were delicious and served very quickly which is great for all the busy office workers around that area! I’ll go on about the individual dishes we had later.
There are no real major problems with Chat thai except for a few small things. One thing was the service especially during the busy period the waiter/waitresses were not very responsive to any requests while I understand it was during a busy lunch time period so I’m not too fussed about it.  Also there was definitely a pressure to leave as soon as you finish eating because there were people queuing outside so it’s not the best restaurant to catch up with long lost friends because you can’t hear each other over the loud noise and for the sake of others you’d probably leave as soon as you finish eating! But on the other hand it’s great for solo lunches with some me time!
So on to the food…
Our entrée was the satay chicken which is a staple for Thai food (at least for me it is) and my – it was definitely one of the best satay chicken sticks I’ve had! The chicken was succulent and drowned in so much peanut sauce completely yummy!
The menu version! 

the ACTUAL version! 
Khao Na Gai Yaang 
My friend and I shared the mains and this was the grilled turmeric and lemongrass marinated chicken with smoked chilli and tamarind relish on rice. It was really definitely grilled well you could almost taste the smokey-ness. Combined with the nicely (slightly sweet) chilli sauce it was great!!
Again the menu version... 
the actual version of the noodles :D 
This is the Sukho Thai which is spicy thin rice noodles with fish dumplings and minced chicken which we got dry because it was a warm day and we didn’t want to eat soup! It was a very refreshing dish – light and not oily or greasy so definitely great for a hot day. And the signature lemon plus chilli made the simple dish more flavoursome – definitely good for a summer day! Enjoy your food!
Here’s some food I want to try next time:


P.S Something for the LOLS :P HAHAHAAH
Chat Thai Westfield Sydney on Urbanspoon
Chat Thai Haymarket on Urbanspoon

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Makeup Haul #1 - Natio brushes and more (◕‿◕✿)

To be perfectly honest - I wasn't meant to spend money! But when I saw that Priceline was having a 40% off cosmetic discount I really couldn't resist myself! But I stayed on the 'safe' side and bought more essential things than things I wanted to get (only because I would get everything)! So here's my makeup haul!! And I'll write about using the products also soon :) 
The entire collection :) 

That's everything that I bought on the day - it doesn't look like much and it costed me $43.15 all together (there goes my payyyyyyyyyyy)! 
That strange packaging!
The first product that I bought was the Maybelline Fit Me Bronzer, in the colour Light Bronze. I have really fair skin so I've never actually owned a bronzer before! But I really need one to do more contouring stuff and when I tried this bronzer on my skin it seemed to be dark enough to use as contouring but not so dark that I look like I'm painting my face! 
The packaging is a bit dodgy though as you can tell from the picture - when I opened it the cover was already broken - I DIDN'T do it! It was already like that *cough*. But in all seriousness the bronzer is good the packaging hmmm I'm not so sure. Maybe it was only my one? 

This is the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain - in number 45 Romantic/Romantique. I have this lip balm in a pale pink colour from sometime last year and I absolutely LOVE IT! It has the moisture of a lip balm with the colour of a lipstick what's not to love and to be honest I don't like wearing lipsticks because it has a tendency to get on my teeth and just everywhere so this was my perfect solution! So now I just want to collect ALL of them! 
I WANT THEM ALL! One Ring to rule them all! (omg..I'm so lame)

Then I also bought 2 eye liner pencils and 1 lip liner from a brand called Savvy which is an affordable and local brand of cosmetics stocked only at Priceline! They were around $1.5 each~ Super cheap! I've used the black eye liner but to be honest pencil liners never work for me because my eye lids are so oily (DAMMIT SKIN) So it smudges and gets every where definitely wouldn't recommend but I'm yet to try the other two so who knows? I remain hopeful!
Here's the colour swatch on my hand - first being the Maybelline lip balm, then the pencil lip liner, black eye liner and black eye liner! 
Le packaging

This was my favourite item! I absolutely loved loved these brushes - I haven't used them yet and I already love them (clearly too keen)! So it was the Natio Professional Brush Kit and it was SO SOFT!!!!! Here are some close up photos of the brushes and I'll post a tutorial of how to use them LATER :) 

Kabuki brush 

Dual Headed Eye Definer and Lip Brush 

These brushes are not made from natural animal hair because Natio is an organic brand and they really pride themselves on not abusing animals for beauty~ YAY! That's the end of my Haul post! FIRST ONE EVER! 
Am I a beauty blogger yet? AHAHAH LOLJKS 

♥ Lingfish~