Tuesday, 31 December 2013

NEW YEAR – Fireworks & Quotes for 2014! ♠

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Watching live fireworks every new year's eve has become a crazy tradition for me because my family ALWAYS did it! And this year was no exception! :) My photography skills are very poor at the moment and taking good firework photos is extremely challenging so here are some photos from The City of Sydney! <3

Absolutely stunning fireworks! Watching it in person is the best feeling out there~ And my mum had a saying - the noise and the bang of the fireworks will destroy any of the problems you had in the past year so that you can move on to the new year problem-less and FRESH! That's reason why watching the fireworks for me is so important! 
That was my Outfit for New Year's Eve! I never wear colour but I decided for 2014 I should wear something that I normally wouldn't! AND I ran into this adorable minion drawing hehe couldn't help but take a tourist photo! 
New Year's Wishes for everyone: 
I sincerely wish everyone a wonderful year filled with laughter, fun and happy times! Sometimes life can be very challenging and we end up in terrible situations but take everything life throws at you as a lesson to learn from and always remember in time everything will pass :) STAY STRONG and SOLDIER ON! 
HERE are some wonderful quotes to start off your 2014:

These are the things I myself am trying to remember as the year brings its roller coaster ride! :D BRING IT ON 2014!! 
instead of obligatory selfie- it's a photo of me taking a selfie hahah xD 


Sunday, 29 December 2013

Updated: New Year’s Resolution – 2014! ♥

It's a NEW YEAR! Time for a NEW YOU! 
Only a few more days left in 2013 - it's been a crazy insanely tiring and very educational year! I will definitely write a recap post later on! This post is about my new years resolution/goals for next year - writing these have become a habit since first year university and whatever is Number One will become top priority and I always work super hard towards it. For the past two years my new year's resolution has been to meet as new people as possible and make many friends! I've definitely done that~ But this year it shall be different!! So here are my resolutions in different sections:


1. Blog once a week - consistently write blog posts for 52 weeks!! Hopefully publish every monday?? 
2. Do MORE photo shoots - at least twice a month! 
3. Regularly read blogs! 
4. START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL - I've been addicted to YT for 5 years now and I've always wanted to start a YT channel but never had the guts to so this year I want to take a leap of faith and try it out! 
5. Learn how to use my DSLR camera - so that I can take pretty photos for my blog without someone helping me out and that way I can also film good quality videos! :)
- PROJECT 365: Taking a photo everyday and Posting it on my either my blog/Instagram/Fb page! :) 
6. Collaborations with friends on my blog? - just an idea who knows if this is really going to work??
7. Daily Quotes on my Facebook page - finally I have a space to share all the random quotes and pictures I've been saving for sooo long! :D YAYY 
8. Learn more about Beauty and Skin Care - Utilise my chemistry knowledge fully! 
Read more for my personal resolutions! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO HURHUR 

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

TOP 3 Cosmetic and Skincare products for 2013!!

December is the busiest month of the year because it's my birthday (18th), Christmas (TODAY) and New Year's Eve (31st) as well! It's the season of celebrations, shopping and spending time with loved ones! Here are my three top picks for skin care and cosmetic products for 2013 - I really love these products and would recommend it for anyone. So lets get started:
My top 3! :D 

NUMBER 1: Maybelline Pure Mineral BB cream 

I've always used BB creams but I've always found the skin tone to be a little bit too off - too pale or too dark- this BB cream is PERFECT! I'm using the second colour of this range and it really blends perfectly with my skin tone! It's SPF 35 and PA +++ which means it's very good sun protections from UVA and UVB rays.

My favourite thing about this BB cream is the texture it's so smooth and glides on the face so effortless. It doesn't clog the pores and is so light to smooth out imperfections but not to create a cake face look. I really love this product and I use it EVERYDAY! It hasn't cause my skin a single problems so I love it tones! 

NUMBER 2: Daiso Eyeliner 

This eye liner is another product that I use every single day and cannot live without it! It's so CHEAP - $2.8 from any Daiso Store in Sydney! I really need to buy a few more! It's amazingly long lasting - IT DOESN'T SMUDGE! Seriously doesn't smudge at all and it can sometimes flake but it's so easy to remove! Absolutely love it! But the only thing is it's glittery which isn't all bad but some days I want just a black eye liner. The applicator can be a bit difficult to use at first but once you get used to it it's not a big deal!

The line can be very sharp and precise then this eye liner becomes such a life saver! Especially when I'm working long Christmas hours and out doors at the Pop up store! I never have to worry about re applying my eye liner! 

Number 3: Laneige Multi- Cleanser ♥

THIS IS MY GOLDEN PRODUCT! I lovelovelovelove it! Like the other two products I use it every day and seriously it's my favourite cleanser of ALL times! It's so easy to use and makes my skin feel amazing! So it's a makeup remover, foam cleanser and micro scrub as well! And as a lazy person it's such a time saver - removes my make up and gets read of dead cells? What else can I ask for! The beads in the scrub is soooo tiny that I can't feel the pressure again skin which is amazing because my skin is uber sensitive! :D 
The first picture is my current bottle and I'm almost finished - it'll be a sad day if I can't replace this amazing cleanser! I first saw it on Bubzbeauty and now I seriously cannot live without it! (also can't believe I'm an aspiring beauty blogger!) 
Here's the obligatory selfie at the end of every post! :P 


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

22 ♥

I don’t know about you

But I’m feeling 22

Everything will be alright

If you keep me next to you

You don’t know about me

But I’ll bet you want to

Everything will be alright

If we just keep dancing like we’re

22, ooh-ooh

22, ooh-ooh

Yes, it’s 22nd birthday tomorrow! I’m not sure exactly how I feel about getting another year older but to be honest this year I’ve really been through a lot! So much that I can really rant for an entire post about it (maybe later!) right now I’m just grateful that I’ve made it through this incredibly difficult year!

I wanted to say thank you to everyone that helped me along the way – ESPECIALLY to my mum! Because without her I don’t think I would have made it through this year at all..she really was my rock and even when we fought she never once abandoned me! THANK YOU MUMMY! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Another thanks is for all my friends that were truly my support system even during some of my worst moments <3 THANK YOU GUYS FOR LISTENING TO ME RANT ABOUT THINGS! I LOVE YOU ALL! MWAMWA ♥

It’s crazy cause I’m actually working on my birthday (workaholic that I am!) but I’m so grateful I have jobs and people want to work for/with them! It makes me feel valuable!

The only sad thing is that I wish I had more time to work on my blog but to be honest it’s my own poor time management that stops me from posting more! So it’s time to get my act together! I really want my blog to be successful because one of the nicest feelings is knowing people are reading the things you write and post online! Once the crazy christmas period is OVER I shall be blogging LOTS MORE! I cannot wait!

I also wish for more time to spend with the people that I care about – especially my family in China! I miss you all so much

For my 22nd years of life I have many hopes, dreams, ambitions and wishes! May they all come true! (in some shape/way/form)! WORK HARD AND BE KINDA then AMAZING THINGS WILL HAPPEN!



P.S. say happy birthday by like-ing my page on fb! or sharing the post? :D

OKK I'm gonna go and pass out now!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas and Birthday Gift List ♥

It’s that time of year is currently my all time favourite saying right now and to be honest that happens every year around December! To give some background – I was born on December the 18th which is in 6 days time and I’ll be turning 22 (SO OLD!) and a week later it’ll be Christmas Day so this time of year is always very hectic in one way or another!
At the moment I’m working in two retail positions – one just as a Christmas casual so this year December really is extremely hectic (especially since I started both jobs a couple of weeks ago)! So this is my Christmas & Birthday Wish List because I haven’t had time to actually shop. Hopefully after my contract ends I’ll have a permanent position and some spare time to shop for the things on this list!

1. Luxury Bag – Prada, Louis Vitton or Michael Kors

A few years ago I used to think that a branded bag is a useless item and wasn’t really necessary but it seems the older I get the more expensive my taste gets and my appreciation for branded bags have definitely grown to a point where I can see the purpose of buying them now! Hence it’s top of my list.
The Neverfull LV tote in chocolate! 
This Louis Vuitton tote is currently really high on list – ironically the bag is called Neverfull and there are two materials I love the chocolate and the blue colour are both amazing! It retails at $1120 which is really expensive for a hand bag so this may be a purpose for the future! 

This Prada bag in light blue is another one of my favourites but the issue is it’s around $2000 and that is WAYY too much for a bag! And recently I’ve seen the bag on everyone so now I’m not so sure that I’ll get it. Especially since it’s pretty small (I like moderate size bags) so it’s a hmmm for me!
This is the last bag I’ve been really interested in recently – YES it’s very very common but it’s definitely A LOT more afforable than the LV or Prada! Retailing at $299.925 it’s actually a can-do so I shall wait til the busy period of work is finished then look into getting one! The red colour of this bag is gorgeous as well!

2. Cosmetics – Urban Decay and EYELINER

The Naked 3 palette came out maybe a few weeks ago and ever since then I’ve been dying to get my hands on it because to be honest I’ve never owned ANY of the Naked Palettes so it would be a great gift for myself! This year I’ve had the eye shadow put on me due to a dance performance and I LOVEEEEE the palette! If only I lived in America where Sephora is so accessible! Then I would probably buy all 3 palettes (Yes I’m greedy!)

Due to the fact that my favourite eyeliner has dried out (read about it HERE) I’ve been looking for another amazing eye liner that won’t smudge so something like this Sephora would have been perfect!

3.  BOOKS!

I’ve always found the library to be more comforting than my actual home sometimes especially when I’m moving around so books really bring me a sense of home and familiarity! Unfortunately I gave away all my childhood books during my last move because we moved such a great distance that it wasn’t really a good idea to move 20kgs of books! But I really want to grow my book collection!
I would really like some more suggestions of what to read because I really don’t know any good authors in english literature except my best friend loves Neil Gaiman so I’m most likely going to grab a copy of Stardust for my leisure reading!

I personally am OBSESSED about Higashino Keigo who is a Japanese Crime fiction writer who I discovered last year when I went back to China. Once I started reading his books I couldn’t stop so I had 3 sleepless nights just to finish a novel - Byakuyakō! It really was one of the most thoughtfully written, dark and haunting books I’ve ever read and to this day my favourite crime fiction novel! I’ve read a lot of his work and his style really is something I admire! So this Christmas I shall be getting a few of his new Chinese translated works!
The penguin classic books are also another favourite! Absolutely adorable covers and amazing stories – I want to collect an entire book shelf!

4. Camera – Compact or DSLR?

To be honest right now I’m shooting with my friends camera so I know it’s really important for me to get my own camera but I really don’t know which model what brand? It’s really confusing and frustrating to choose!

That’s the Sony DSC RX 100 that my friend lend me and I quite like the camera even though I don’t really know how to use it really well! But the quality of the photos is very good! But then I also really like DSLRS!

So there you have it~ there are a few more things I want to get like Guitar, Ukulele, shoes and jewellery (Tiffany & co) but I’m going to wait and buy them not as a gift! Especially since I need shoes so badly right now! HAHA


Obligatory selfie :P

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Rose Tinted Glasses – Bailey and Nelson (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

"Seeing life through Rose tinted glasses" ♥
About few weeks ago my blogger friend Miss Senna invited me to head to a Bailey and Nelson store in Paddington for a review post on their sunglasses - of course I happily accepted the invitation! So here's my blog post regarding the awesome glasses I received from Bailey and Nelson! 
My favourite photo <3 SAO COOL! 
The store is located at 57 William Street in Paddington and as typical tourists we got lost so it took quite a bit of time just getting to the store! During our adventure we also accidentally got distracted by another Bailey and Nelson store on the way and it was quite a lovely store so that really made me excited!

Totally irrelevant to anything but there was a fish bowl at the store with a gold fish in it! And as my title is Lingfish I got really excited about that! (Yes I'm easily amused) :DD 

Intro to the Bailey and Nelson brand:

 This is an Australian brand that originated from Sydney! It was first ever sold in the markets by the three blokes that created the brand (ironically none of them were named Bailey or Nelson) and that day we spoke to one of the originators - Scott. What really amazed me was the easy going and laid back ambience of the store combined with the really simple and organised layout of the glasses it made browsing effortless! 

 The Sunglasses:

We were given a choice of which sunglasses we wanted to try and review - now in terms of decision making it was really challenging (not just because of my indecisive nature) but mainly due to my face structure. I have a typical Asian flat nose with high cheek bones and a round shape so choosing sunglasses that compliment is pretty challenging! After much trying and sampling I choose the Shelley in Rose! 
The frontal view of Shelley! 
Side view of shelley! 
Features of Shelley:
- oversized = great for really big faces
- square shape = creates more structure for round faces
- Rose/pink frames = compliments my pale skin tone
- brown lens = not too harsh and brightens everything when you put them on
- polarised lens = better for your eyes because it cuts off 99% of Glare from the sun! 
- medium sized arms = not too fragile that I can break it or too bulky that seats uncomfortably on my ears! 
Ain't they prettyyyyy~ 

After thoughts:

Honestly I've been wearing these glasses everyday and they're really easy to wear! Super comfortable and it really stands out because I wear so much black. They have a retro hipster look to them which is what I really like! The fact that the sunnies have their own names is pretty cool too! I'll definitely be continuing to wear these :D 
Because my phone totally stopped functioning while I was at the store I couldn't take any notes and not many photos either so I decided to have a photo shoot based on them! :) 
Enjoy the photos! 
With the beautiful flowers in Hyde Park :) 
Pretending to read! The books was about atoms.. ERR chemistry nightmares!
heheh More photos of my gorgeous glasses! <3 
Serious business TEXTING awww YEAH! :P 
The obligatory selfie - ALL DAY ERR DAY! 
All jokes aside I was really grateful for this opportunity! Thank you to Scott, Miss Senna (check out her blog) and YoungTae my wonderful photographer! If only I got to this kind of stuff ALL the time~ instead of working SO MUCH! D:

♥ Lingfish~