Saturday, 29 March 2014

Snack Attack ⁄⁄ The Dough Collective

This is my new post series for food!! Snack Attack which is for when I try new snacks or foods but not as a meal just as afternoon tea or desserts!!
The Dough Collective is the hot new bakery that opened recently on George St right near Events Cinema and it quickly caught my attention! Bread is amazing and nothing beats warm fresh bread! 

The best thing about The Dough Collective is THE SAMPLES OF BREAD!! I've tried almost everything because I ate all the samples! I adore the samples! And it makes me come back to them every time. 

After much bread tasting and difficult decision making I decided on the Chinese Longan Bun! It contains black glutinous rice, dried longan and black sesame! I've always loved longan ever since I was little and the dried longan filling was super generous combined with the chewy and soft bun I was sold!

It was sooo good. The gooey center! AHHH! Definitely makes a wonderful snack!

 The Dough Collective also has lots of other bread creations I'm dying to try! Top of my list is definitely the Hokkaido Azuki Toast! Red bean toast! And the sample was amazing! Can't wait to go and buy some! The Chocolate Surprise was also another delicious snack bun that I really want to try! The richness of chocolate is unbeatable! 

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Melbourne Food Bucket List

So this is another FOOD BUCKET LIST POST!!! :D My friend and I will be adventuring in Melbourne very very SOON! It's the second time I'll be going and this time there'll definitely be a much heavier emphasis on FOOD because I've heard sooo many good things about the food it Melbourne! 
Anyway here is my food bucket list for Melbourne: PLEASE FRIENDS SUGGEST THINGS AND RECOMMEND THINGS! :) thank you!

1. Cafes: 
2. Restaurants:
  • Purple Peanut 

3. Bars/Clubs

4. Dessert:
Clearly I'm still researching at the moment!! But here are some photos from 2 years ago from Melbourne!!

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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Noobie Foodie │ Meat and Wine Co.

Meat and Wine Co in Darling Harbour has been on my bucket list for THE LONGEST TIME because I walk past in all the time but I was definitely way too poor to try this place! But I’m really lucky I have wonderful ‘parents’ and they sponsored me this meal! THANKYOU GUYS! MWAMWA. Anyways I was really excited to try the food here and it was every bit as fancy as I expected!

So on to the food:

For those who don’t me – I like alcohol. A LOT!! So I couldn’t go pass the Cocktail menu and ended up ordering a Love Potion (is this cocktail meant to help my nonexistent love life?? – well it hasn’t worked). Regardless of the effectiveness of the potion it was a very sweet and easy to drink cocktail that contained muddled strawberries, belvedere vodka, Suntory rubis and cointreau then shaken with pineapple juice and finished with Mozart choc liqueur.  Very girly and yummy!

This was my mummy’s drink – The Perfect Match! Sailor Jerry spiced rum, pepperjack shiraz and a dash of chocolate bitters mixed with cranberry juice and slightly sweetened. It was called the perfect match because it complements the steaks! This cocktail has a bit more punch and wasn’t as sweet. The primary flavour was the shiraz and because I don’t really like red wine it wasn’t my favourite!

Then on the entrée which was Portuguese Prawn – char grilled prawns, eschalots and a creamy Portuguese sauce served with a cabbage, brown rice and capsicum pilaf. It was my first time trying a Portuguese dish!! The sauce was very creamy and flavoursome which was a definitely plus to the delicious prawns! Pilaf (rice cooked in seasoned broth) reminded me a bit of risotto and was definitely heavier than what I’m used to in a rice dish – it was so full of flavour!! I really enjoyed the entrée!

Of course if you’re going to be at a restaurant called Meat and Wine co you’ll be eating – STEAK! YAY I love steak! (It’s so ironic because my last post was at a Vegan restaurant HAHA)! Both my mummy and I ordered the Monte Black Wagyu Rib Eye 300g cooked medium rare ($59…OFFT) and daddy ordered the wagyu rump which was 500g. I’m a huge fan of steaks and this was an AMAZING STEAK! The meat was so tender and juicy! AHHHHHH so good! I pretty much ate the steak without sauce because it was already so delicious without any flavouring! It was definitely good quality meat, so easy to cut and eat!!
The chips were thick cut and fried to perfection! As to not waste the sauce I used most of it on the chips! Even though I was really full the food was so good I actually finished the entire meal!

Did I mention we also got an extra side of mash potatoes? It was A LOT OF FOOD!
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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Café Explorer │ Earth To Table

After my trip to Bali where I experienced a vegan restaurant for the first time I’m now really keen to try new vegan dishes!! I always assumed vegan food would be really boring but honestly that is not the case at all! In fact vegan food sometimes has more flavour because there is no overpowering flavour of meat and artificial flavouring. Also there is something wholesome about eating vegan food!
So in order to try some vegan food in Sydney my friend Mark and I visited Eart To Table café in Bondi Junction which is actually the same brand of vegan as the restaurant in Bali!! I was so excited to try this place because it means I finally cross one place off my Bucket list!
Anyways on to the food!
As with every other café explorer post I’ve ever written I got a MOCHA! The one at Earth to Table was espresso and raw cacao with steamed almond milk. Which is why it wasn’t as sweet as what I’m used to but I like how the coffee only had a hint of sweetness and not too much!

Mark decided to try the Give Me a Sparkle tonic which had the champagne of life, kefir probiotic in ginger which was …. Interesting! I also tried a tonic when I was in Bali and to be honest I’m not a fan of the taste of it but somehow I think it’ll be really good for you!
Kefir is a fermented milk drink made from fermented kefir grains and research has shown it improves lactose digestion and helps overall digestion because it contains micro-organisms that can colonise and protect the intestine again disease causing bacteria! Kefir is what gives this tonic a slightly sour taste which can really surprise you.
Ginger is another vegetable that is said to aid digestion, increase blood flow and is really popular with Asian mothers (at least mine loves it). But again it has a very particular taste and combined with kefir it was an interesting taste. IT’S GOOD FOR YOU!
Give me a HIGH! 
The third drink is called Give Me a High! Appropriately named! It was a frosty raw cacao-nut mylk with espresso and it WAS DELICIOUS! The drink was moderately sweet with a nice frosty top layer – definitely recommend trying it out!
Pesto Pasta! 
 For lunch I ordered the pesto pasta which was zucchini linguini with spinach and rocket pesto served in a lovely stack! It was delicious!! Very light yet still incredibly hearty and full of freshness and flavour! Vegan pasta definitely met my expectations!  
Mark ordered the special dish for the day and it a mushroom based dish but to be honest I didn’t write down exactly what the waitress said about it. So I did some research and found out that it's - Raw marinated mushroom flats served with almond and sunflower seed bread with braised spinach and bernaise style sauce. 

The mushroom was cooked very different from how I typically eat mushroom (in soups normally) and it was cooked til tenderness. It almost reminded me to tender meat – ALMOST!
Peach and Raspberry Cheesecake!

THE CHEESECAKE! OMG! Actually the best cheesecake! Sweet but not too sweet and since it’s a vegan café there was no cheese in the actual cheesecake which may be disappointing for some people but it’s actually good for me since I am not a big fan of cheese. I REALLY WANT TO TRY MORE FLAVOURS OF CHEESECAKES! THEY HAVE SO MANY!! Vegan desserts!!! 

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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Top 15 Orgasmic Gelato flavours from Messina

Messina is one of my favourite gelato places – I tried it for the first time and I fell in LOVE with gelato! I’m so glad that there are now 3 different stores in Sydney and that so many people have become fans (like myself) but honestly I wish the lines could be shorter! Also that people could stop eating the flavours I want cause then it runs out and I can’t get any!
So here are the 15 Messina flavours I’ve been dying to try and I can dream of them in my sleep…  

1. Stranger with Candy - white chocolate and peanut gelato with candied peanuts. you can trust our stranger with candy.
Strangers with CANDY! 
Messina’s peanut butter gelato is one of my personal favourite regular flavours so I CANNOT go pass Strangers with candy! CANDIED PEANUTS! One of my favourite snacks nomnomnom! And I've actually tried this one and it was DELICIOUS (my only regret is that I didn't take a photo!) 

2. LITTLE BLOKE - peanut butter gelato with malt o milk biscuits and nutella fudge. Have a go at our little bloke
You can see a clear pattern of my obsession with peanut butter gelato HAHA! But THIS LOOKS AMAZING and nutella fudge I repeat – NUTELLA FUDGE! Get in my stomach PLEASE!

 3. RETURN OF THE MAC - macadamia and milk chocolate gelato annihilated with white chocolate and macadamia cookies. The 'mac' daddy of gelato specials. 
Return of the MAC! 
The name of this flavor is the BOMB – the song instantly come into my head! MACADEMIA!! Did I mention I really love nuts?

 4. Fraga lickn' good - strawberry and coconut gelato with lychee bread and butter pudding.
Fraga Lickn' good

 5. HAVE A GAY OLD TIME - caramel gelato swirled with milk gelato with bits of chocolate covered biscuit crumbs. 
YUMM! Sounds like a miracle. Love the sound of the texture!!!  

 6. ROBERT BROWNIE JNR - milk chocolate gelato with chocolate brownie and chocolate fudge. Let's go to town with Robert Brown.
OMG CHOCOLATE HEAVEN! IT SOUNDS SO DELICIOUS I CANNOT EVEN! When I’m craving chocolate this would be perfect! PMS LIFESAVER! Should eat this while watching Iron man! 

7. TIM TAM SLAM - coffee gelato with chocolate biscuits, chocolate butter cream and choc chip sauce. This bad boy is just waiting to be slammed.
;D AYE!! Another chocolate overload flavour – PMS lifesaver #2! Tim Tams ♥

 8. THE MIGHTY GM PIE - peanut butter gelato with chocolate crust, banana jam and peanut cream throughout. Nothing beats a cold GM pie on a hot day!!
Again with the peanut butter gelato!! But this time with even more textures - jam, crust and cream! NOMNOMNOM!

9. JD AND SMOKE - jack daniels and smoked chocolate gelato. this is some rocking ... chair gelato
Look at that smoothness! 

Alcohol + gelato = EPIC! This sounds like the great start to my weekend YAYYY!!

 10. LEAF LEAF BANG BANG - mango and coconut sorbet with pandan jelly. Little bit of leaf, whole lot of bang

My top fruit flavours mango and coconut with PANDAN JELLY? SOUNDS AMAZING! And it's something not choclately! 

 11. SALTY NUTS - peanut butter gelato with salted caramel throughout. Tasty balls of ice cream.. So many puns, so little time.
I’d like myself some salty nuts ;D Peanut butter + caramel = DAYUM! 

12. CREMINO - salted caramel gelato and crushed amaretti biscuits with soft meringue and nutella folded throughout. This might well be history in the making.. Hats off to one of the best desserts to have hit our lips..
This amazing creation!!! 
Need I say more?

13. THE BOSS'S WIFE - hazelnut and coffee gelato with white chocolate and hazelnut praline ganache. Never have we been so keen for a lick. 
For those that read my blog and know about my obsession with COFFEE - yeah you'll why I chose this flavour! My love of nuts and coffee combined AWW YEAH! 

14. MONIZZLE - caramel custard gelato with chocolate coated peanuts and blueberry sauce. let me here that izzle. PERSIAN ROCKY ROAD - white chocolate and rosewater gelato with housemade chunks of middle eastern flavoured rocky road. Fit for a prince.
The picture itself makes me DROOL! 
What is this magical creation? Sounds FANTASTIC!! Please release this flavour again!!!  

15. DONKEY KONG - peanut butter gelato with coffee custard and cocoa nib crunch. let's get it on.
Last but not LEAST!! 
You can see a common theme here right? Winning creation - peanut butter, chocolate, coffee and textures! 
If this post doesn't make you want to visit Messina I don't know what will! 
P.S All the photos were sourced from the Messina Facebook pages (this is why you shouldn't stay up past 2am because you'll look at food pictures and write blog posts!) 

♥ Lingfish 

Comment, Share and ENJOY FOOD! 
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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Noobie Foodie│ Fratelli Fresh Valentines Special

This is an extremely belated post – ONE MONTH LATE! But to celebrate Valentine’s Day my best friend/wifey/hubby and I went to have dinner at Fratelli Fresh in Wynyard because we were both sick of eating Asian food none stop and wanted to try something different!
The sad thing is we didn’t really eat all that much because I was leaving to Bali and I didn’t want to look bloated in the pictures. It’s ok because it gives us another reason to go out and eat there again!
So here comes the food:

This is the Smoke Trout salad with Radicchio, green beans and dill mayo. I’ll be honest it’s really hard for me to be very excited about salad and one month ago I was really terrible with my DSLR (aka. Couldn’t take a photo to save my life) so excuse the photos! But the salad itself was delicious! The smoked trout added a salty flavour which balanced well with the dill mayo. THE EGGS WERE AMAZING! This is one they are one of my favourite foods! EGGS!!

Also I found out radicchio is the name of the purple cabbage I’ve been calling purple cabbage my whole life! *mind blown* Thank you Sensei Google.

MOAR rigatoni! 
Then we had the Lamb Ragu with rosemary, chilli and Rigatoni! I absolutely love pasta and this was definitely a hearty and filling pasta dish. The lamb didn’t have an overwhelming flavour which I liked but the chilli definitely isn’t like Asian chilli – there was no burn! This is a great dish for winter/autumn days when it’s a good idea to store some extra insulation!

Finally we had a small dessert (cause we ended up going drinking after HAHA) and we just shared a scoop of gelato! IT WAS A TINY SCOOP!! I really wish they were more generous with the scoop sizes! 
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