Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Food Bucket List - Sydney Edition

Because I have a memory of a gold fish literally and I keep forgetting about places that I want to eat at I decided to do an entire blog post about them (and there is soo many)! If anyone has any other recommendations PLEASE let me know! I shall add them to the list!
When I get to visit these places I shall cross them off :)

1. Cafe Style/Lunch: 

2. Restaurants:

3. Desserts: 

All the places in this list I want to try as well:
If only I had a faster metabolism...

It'd be like this nomnom-ing every day!
♥ Lingfish


  1. Little Snail not that great ==" was quite disappointed actually~ If you wanna go for french food though definitely go to La Grillade in Crows Nest!!! Best french place been to so far and LOVE IT! <3

    -Miss Sennnaa

    1. REALLY?? :O I still wanna try it though! for lunch it's a bit more reasonable!!
      OKIES I shall add La Grillade to the list!
      Omg theres soooo many places to try!! Any other suggestions sweetie?? :D

      <3 Ling

  2. Little snail is terrible ling :P Chinese cook making frozen french food.

    Also why not do a good food guide bucket list, all those hatted rest, and do a separate list for good coffee :3.

    1. Is Little Snail really that bad?? I just wanna try it lahhhhh!!

      HAHAH OKK good idea actually!! Alright I shall put them into two separate lists!! :D

  3. For restaurants, I would suggest Tetsuya's and Chef's gallery. You have my other recommendations up there already.

    1. Hi! :D
      thank you for the comment & yes I shall add these to the list!