Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Noobie Foodie│Danjee Korean BBQ

Danjee is a new Korean BBQ place that opened up in the city not long ago and since my friend is a crazy KBBQ addict of course we went to try it out! It was definitely a bit different to the other places I've been to and here is my review of the place!

The Food First…
Oyster YUMMM!! 

For starters we order the Fresh Oysters with a special sauce Gochhujang which is a Korean hot pepper paste they use for pretty much all of the food! Having oyster with pepper sauce was definitely a new experience!
Favourite salad!! 
This is one of the most interesting salads I’ve ever had! Definitely highly recommended to try at Danjee! It was delicious! The rice crispy bits really added an interesting texture! I would go there again and just order the salad (in attempt to be healthy) :P

Of course like any Korean BBQ place there were side dishes! They offered a few different ways sadly I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t more variety but that’s mainly because I really LOVE side dishes - sometimes I eat more side dishes than the actual dish itself! 

The PORK BELLY YUMMMM! Sam gyeop sal the star of many of KBBQ-er’s fantasies! It was really fresh pork belly but there wasn’t enough of it!! Something cool that happened was when they were cooking the pork belly they actually tilted the plate to let the oil slide down! Some high tech KBBQ thing!
Fat duck :P 
We were still hungry after all that food so we decided to order some marinated duck as well! The duck was well marinated and very juicy and fatty! YUM! We started BBQ-ing the duck as well to get the smoky flavour! So delicious!

OH OX TONGUE! One of my all-time favourite meats at KBBQ! At first I was really reluctant to try ox tongue cause I thought it was really gross to eat the tongue of an animal! But after I tried it the first time now I eat it EVERYTIME! The Ox tongue at Danjee was really thin and definitely a favourite!
Click for the actual review and more photos! :) 

Here is the Review part:
Location: ★★★☆☆
Danjee is located in the city on 1-7 Albion St really close to George St but like many other KBBQ places it’s hidden in an alleyway! But it wasn’t really difficult to find just a little bit confusing if you’re not familiar with the city.  Don’t worry there’s always Google Maps! :P
Menu: ★★☆☆☆

The menu is very different to other Korean restaurants because THERE WAS NO PICTURES! And that really surprised me because a lot of non-Korean people would be so confused if they’re unfamiliar with the foods! And I just like looking at pictures. So it was a bit disappointing especially since some of the fusion dishes sounded really interesting and different it would have been nice to see a picture!
Taste: ★★★☆☆
Once the food came out I was hooked! So delicious and fresh! The meat was really delicious but having the oil poured on to the pan was a little weird because usually KBBQ don’t do that in Sydney! More about the food later!
Price: ★★☆☆☆
For a really poor university student these prices are not the most ideal but if you’re working and has a bit of spare cash I would definitely recommend eating there! Because it’s not ridiculously expensive for KBBQ but definitely not recommended if you’re eating Mi Goreng every other day!!
Overall: ★★★☆☆
It was a good experience overall! The staff members were super friendly and helpful – cooking the meat for us and being really available to answer our requests! The ambience is really nice and everything is super clean (which is sometimes lacking in other KBBQ places). IT’s definitely a place I’d go to for something a bit more formal especially for the salad! ^^ 
My face when I saw no photos on the menu! :(
The courtyard area we were sitting in! 
Some free veggies with the BBQ! :) 


 Have a happy day! :) 

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  1. Oh that looks good! I love marinated duck!! A Korean menu with no pics is quite surprising though!

    1. The marinated duck was definitely delicious!

      AGREE! Made the decision 10x harder because it's so hard to tell what everything was!