Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Noobie Foodie│ Fratelli Fresh Valentines Special

This is an extremely belated post – ONE MONTH LATE! But to celebrate Valentine’s Day my best friend/wifey/hubby and I went to have dinner at Fratelli Fresh in Wynyard because we were both sick of eating Asian food none stop and wanted to try something different!
The sad thing is we didn’t really eat all that much because I was leaving to Bali and I didn’t want to look bloated in the pictures. It’s ok because it gives us another reason to go out and eat there again!
So here comes the food:

This is the Smoke Trout salad with Radicchio, green beans and dill mayo. I’ll be honest it’s really hard for me to be very excited about salad and one month ago I was really terrible with my DSLR (aka. Couldn’t take a photo to save my life) so excuse the photos! But the salad itself was delicious! The smoked trout added a salty flavour which balanced well with the dill mayo. THE EGGS WERE AMAZING! This is one they are one of my favourite foods! EGGS!!

Also I found out radicchio is the name of the purple cabbage I’ve been calling purple cabbage my whole life! *mind blown* Thank you Sensei Google.

MOAR rigatoni! 
Then we had the Lamb Ragu with rosemary, chilli and Rigatoni! I absolutely love pasta and this was definitely a hearty and filling pasta dish. The lamb didn’t have an overwhelming flavour which I liked but the chilli definitely isn’t like Asian chilli – there was no burn! This is a great dish for winter/autumn days when it’s a good idea to store some extra insulation!

Finally we had a small dessert (cause we ended up going drinking after HAHA) and we just shared a scoop of gelato! IT WAS A TINY SCOOP!! I really wish they were more generous with the scoop sizes! 
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Location: ★★★☆☆

Fratelli Fresh was really close to Wynyard station so it wasn’t TOO difficult to find but because there wasn’t extensive amount of signage and also I am so directionless we ended up using Google Map yet still getting a bit confused! The restaurant is actually down stairs and the entrance is a little hard to find (but maybe that’s just for me..)

Menu: ★★★★☆

The menu was extensive filled with many more delicious salad, pasta and PIZZA options! Dieting is so difficult because then that removes all the delicious things off the menu! There were also more drink and dessert options as well! NEXT TIME!!

Taste: ★★★★☆

The pasta! I really loved the pasta! And would come back to try more pasta options! The salad was yummy as well but it’s as yummy as salad can get. One day I hope someone can prove to me that salads can taste good!

Price: ★★★★☆

A little bit on the pricier end for povo university students but I think it’s worth the price! The prices are pretty reasonable for all those people working. (In fact for them it’s probably much cheaper than other places).

Overall: ★★★☆ ☆

Personally I really enjoyed eating at Fratelli Fresh, the food was served fairly quickly but unfortunately the service was a little bit difficult to get. They also sell foods and other kitchenware related stuff on the side so that was pretty cool!! The restaurant does get packed pretty quickly even on a regular week night and it tends to get a little noisy but I like the busy vibe (Chinese restaurants are much worse)

Tips for eating there:

  • Make a booking if you have a big group – especially on a Friday or Saturday night.
  • Be prepared to wait for the service but don’t worry they’ll get to you!
  • Don’t be on a diet at an Italian restaurant it’s quite depressing..especially looking at the dessert menu!
  • Very good for a close friends/family outing.


P.S. I’m sooo sorry the quality of the photos are so crappy!! But here are some extra Valentine's day cheese!!
MA WIFEY <3 nbsp="">
Introducing my wifey - THANK YOU LOVELY FOR 'celebrating' Valentine's day/Single Awareness Day with meee!! ♥ AND FOR BUYING ME A ROSE AND CHOCOLATES! 

THANK Y'ALL FOR READING! :D I'm currently high on sugar! WWHEEE~ ♥
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  1. i loved the pastas here! never ceases to amaze me :D

    1. It's sooo good! :D I want to try more pasta there!