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Coffee Addicts Unite
This is a new section of my blog!! So the story is ---  prior to university I really disliked the smell and taste of coffee but after I started my degree I found myself really loving coffees and spending time in cafes! Now I spend so much time in cafes catching up with friends or just spending some time alone writing and reading. So I decided to really enjoy every part of Australia’s Café Culture by exploring as many cafes as possible!
Devon Café is one I’ve been meaning to try for the longest time because I’ve seen some really amazing photos of the food on Instagram (HAHA TRUE STORY) and what better time to try it out than on NEW YEAR’S EVE with my hubby/wifey!

Here are my ratings for Devon Café:

Location: ★★★★

Devon café is at 76 Devonshire St, Surry Hills which is very close to central station – only maybe a 2 minute walk depending on which exist to you get out of. It’s close enough to the city to be convenient but far away enough for it not to be incredibly hectic and business like!

Menu: ★★★★☆

The menu is incredibly extensive but that’s typical for all cafes. They offered a wide range of interesting dishes which that really married café food and multicultural flavours. Like My Second Asian Cousin Gone Summery! So it was pretty different and unique compared to all the other cafés I’ve tried!! Devon also offers Daily Specials that differ all the time for those that want something extra special!
The menu noob photographer style! 

Taste: ★★★★☆

DELICIOUS! Even though I’m not always a huge fan of café food I really think they did an amazing job with all the food! But more about that later!

Price: ★★★★☆

Devon’s not the cheapest of all places but the prices are not outrageously expensive either! There’s a huge range of prices on the menu so it’s whatever you can afford at the time – for poor university students there’s always the breakfast menu! :P

Overall Experience: ★★★★★

I want to go again… soon! That’s how great my experience there was! The ambience is really relaxed and it was really nice to sit in a café that was also exposed to the sunlight (LOVE COURT YARDS SO MUCH)! The staff members were really friendly even though they were working on New Year’s Eve and it was such a relaxed atmosphere. Definitely want to go back and try more food there!! Read more for FOOD!

So on to the food…
Both of us ordered Mocha and it was amazing coffee! Since Mocha is the ONLY type of coffee I ever drink (everything else is wayyy too bitter for me) I’ve really developed a taste for it! Their coffee wasn’t too bitter or too sweet – thankfully they didn’t OD on the chocolate powder like other places do!
That salmon is amazinggg 

Pretty :) 
This was one of our dishes called Breakfast with the Sakuma’s which has grilled King Salmon, eggs, croquette and salad on the side. The salmon was amazingggggg grilled to perfection! The pink things on the top is what Japanese people sprinkle on to their rice to give it more flavour (I forgot what it’s called) and it tasted delicious! I was really surprised there was rice in the croquette – usually it’s potato but it gave a really interesting texture so I don’t mind. All the mayo on the side was really signature of Japanese dishes as well – THEY LOVE MAYO! Overall it was a really delicious and filling dish!
IS it weird that I looked at this picture - said Butt and laughed like a minion :P 
The second dish we had was Kaya Toast! I’ve always wanted to try Kaya – it’s a type of coconut jam that’s really popular in Southeast Asia (and with my friends). It’s very sweet and at Devon they served it with two eggs in a cup on brioche toast. SO GOOD! Sweet and buttery but not overwhelming!!
Nutella Muffin <3
Finally when we were leaving they gave us a FREE Nutella Muffin! <3 OMG I cannot pass up free food! But sadly I didn’t take a photo of it so I had to Google an image! But it was so chocolately and delicious!
Obligatory selfie :P hehe

It was definitely a wonderful lunch and I’m so excited about exploring more cafés around Sydney! :D YAY!
Have a Happy Wednesday! 


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