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Café Explorer│ Coffee Traders at Ryde

This particular place I’ve been wanting to try for a long time because it’s right next to my bus stop so I pass it literally EVERYDAY! And finally I had the chance to try the food and coffee there!! (About time) Here’s my little blog post about this local café.
Exactly where we were sitting! 

Definitely a lively café that is spacious very stylishly designed with really interesting design touches like the chalk board and the vespa! Not every day you see a packed motorbike in a café!
As per usual we ordered two large Mochas and the coffee there was definitely something else! Sweet but not too sweet where I can taste the chocolate syrup and it was definitely effective to waken my senses. Coffee cravings as I write this..
And here comes the food!

Karen ordered the egg chicken chorizo and bacon on sour dough bread! And it was amazing! It was actually my first time trying chicken chorizos and it was so full of flavour! Because it was my first time eating it I’m not sure how to describe the flavour but it was something similar to Chinese preserved sausages with its oily but mouth watering taste. The bacon was fried to a crisp it literally broke apart as you tried to cut into it! That’s one of the best textures of bacon I’ve ever tasted!!! One day I shall learn to cook bacon like that! The sour dough was fresh and generously buttered it left this amazing crunch on the crust but soft and tender in the centre!
My dish was the scrambled egg with ham and chicken with rocket and sour dough bread. I choose it because scrambled eggs are one of my favourite foods! It definitely met my egg cravings as the egg was really fluffy and delicious without too much cream or milk unlike year 7 camp style scrambled eggs (that was traumatising for me because I hated that milky eggy taste). The rest of my dish was nothing incredibly special but again the sour dough bread was so satisfying and filling. In comparison my food wasn’t as flavoursome (the chicken chorizos really packed a punch) but I prefer the milder flavours and softer textures.
Both food portions are huge! This is why I never lose weight isn’t? Anyway click read more for the review and more food porn:

Location: ★★★☆☆

Honestly if it isn’t because this is so close to my bus stop Ryde is actually a pretty difficult area to travel to just for food! It’s located inside Top Ryde so it’s not difficult to find and there’s 3 hour of free packing at the shopping centre.

Menu: ★★★☆☆

So unfortunately when we went to eat there the lunch wasn’t available yet so these were the breakfast menu options! It’s a shame but the just the breakfast menu itself had plenty of options so we took at least 15 minutes to decide! Another sad thing was the fact the pancakes were not available except in the dinner menu. Pancakes for breakfast would be awesome!

Taste: ★★★☆☆

The food was fresh and delicious with great portion sizes (considering it’s a breakfast) and for a regular meal or just a small catch up with friends/family in a local area it’d be perfect! The coffee was definitely worth it and I’d encourage anyone to try their coffee!!

Price: ★★★☆☆

OK at the moment I’m pretty broke prepping for a Bali holiday so my finances are definitely not in great shape (like my figure *cries*) so this particular meal was pretty expensive around $20 for the coffee and food! Which isn’t much for all those working individuals but as a poor uni students it’s not cheap!

Overall: ★★★☆☆

The ambience of Coffee Traders was really great because it was opened and there was a lot of naturally lighting streaming from the windows! They also played really good music like 2000s RNB music which made me feel really at home and comfortable (too comfortable because I start singing out loud).
The service was great and unlike many other reviews our food and coffee arrived without too much wait! So that wasn’t really a problem! But an issue were the flies – OMG there were soo many damn flies! That can only be blamed on the Australian summer.
Summer in Australia = heat waves and many flies!
I’m definitely keen to go back and try more items from there menu! Some of the photos they posted on Facebook are so mouth watering! Feast your eyes on these drinks!


Cannot wait to try these drinks!

♥ Lingfish 

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