Sunday, 2 February 2014

Happy Snaps - January Update!

Time really flies! Already the first month of the year is over - WHUT? HOW? WHERE DID THE TIME GO? That's my response to it! And another part of me is so insanely scared about uni starting again soon. One more month of holiday left! I need to make the best of it! My only regret is that I'm not travelling this year but I shall enjoy the Sydney summer the best that I can!
Here are ten  of my favourite happy snaps from this month! Not all of them are taken by me!
This photo was taken at ARCHITECTS OF AIR - EXXOPOLIS which was a special inflatable structure filled with different colours, lights and really relaxing ambience music! It's really different and an interesting experience! I would recommend it to anyone wants to try something new! It's very chill and a nice place to just relax with friends! Even though it's great I went to a similar architecture 2 years ago - TWICE so it wasn't all too exciting for me!
Maroubra Beach! One of the only reasons why I love Sydney summers is because of the amazing beaches! They are all so picturesque and beauuuutiful! Plus really nice to swim, surf and just play in! ♥ Beaches!
Ling Ling ♡  
This was a belated birthday present from a high school friend and it made me super super happy to receive it that's why it's on my happy snaps! And yes she calls me Ling Ling! It was book called the Babe Bible and so far it's prove to be a very insightful read~
delicious cakes :D 
What is a holiday without cake? And there was much cake in my holiday (no wonder I gained 3kgs in one month!!). These cakes were delicious though so maybe it was worth it? Tiramisu, passion fruit cheesecake and sponge cream cake with strawberry! ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

Blue butterfly earrings! I love these earrings! They're so prettyyy!!
Ok I'll stop spazzing over them. But it was definitely a nice little reward after working so much during the Christmas holidays to actually have time and shop for myself. Adding them to my butterfly earring collection!
while waiting for food~ 
Taken by my friend Karen while we lunching at Macquarie :) Such fun times spent shopping, eating and chilling!
nomnom dumplings 
Chinese New Year just passed a couple of days ago and I spent the entire day making dumplings with my mum then pigging out on them! So many dumplings but they were the best ♥ The feeling of making dumplings with my mum is something I cherish as well cause as I get older the opportunities for such loving moments with her will definitely decrease so I'm grateful that it happened!
Part of the CNY family dinner with my mum and step dad! This was one of the mains (there were three different types of mains) and it was a marinated pork knuckle roast? My mum adds a chinese twist to every western dish she makes so I actually have no clue what it is! All I know is it tasted really good~
SO PRETTY <3 td="">
This was from a wild random walk in my neighbourhood even though I had no idea that this park even existed because I've never been to that part of my suburb but I love the way the lights look in this photo! Another thing to love my Sydney's summer!

My last happy snap and it's also the obligatory end post selfie! :) hehe enjoy summer everyone!


Comments are greatly appreciated! :) 

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