Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Snack Attack ⁄⁄ Cupcakes On Pitt

Hi Friends! :) 
Recently I've been a few 21st here and there (so I wrote some tips which you can read here) and at one special lady's birthday we had some really delicious and adorable cupcakes! So here's a special blog post to thank Wendy ♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY *again*!! 
Strawberry and Choco cupcake 
Anyways on to the cupcakes! The one above is the Strawberry and Choco which is the one I ate! It's a basically Chocolate cupcakes with a hint of Strawberry filled with fresh strawberries and Strawberry butter cream! Yumminess to the maximum!  The cream was really fresh and SO SWEET! Definitely fulfilled my sugar requirement for the day!
The second type of cupcakes is the Honeycomb cupcake! Rich chocolate cupcakes with honey icing and garnished with a shard of chocolate honeycomb! The honey icing looks amazing! 
Vanilla Sundae cupcake?! 
This is the prettiest cupcake ever! It's called a Vanilla Sundae! Basically Vanilla cupcakes with a Vanilla & Strawberry icing and garnished with 100,000 sprinkles, marachino cherry and cookie stick! So much creativity in a cupcake! Diabetes overload just looking at it! 
Cookies and Cream! 
OREOS! This is the Cookies and Cream cupcake! Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing and garnished with a dusting of chocolate and an Oreo! Btw is it normal to finish an entire packet of oreos in one sitting? Cause I did that...on Monday! *guilty look* 
Red Velvet with hearts! 
Sooo cute! These are the red velvet cupcakes! Too cute to eat! Too be honest red velvet isn't my favourite flavour of's quite far from it actually! I prefer chocolate! 

Passionfruit cupcakes! The star is soo cute! Vanilla cupcakes with fresh passion icing and garnished with an edible purple/blue star! 
Meringue cupcake? 
Last but not least this was the Lemon Meringue cupcake! Who knew these existed!  Vanilla cupcakes with fresh lemon curd inside and garnished with a soft torched Italian meringue! Love the texture of the meringue with the cupcake instead of the typical sweet creamy texture! 
Definitely enjoyed the cupcakes so much! They were a really good snack size and I'm so keen to visit the store now! 
♥ Lingfish 
P.S this proves I can take photos while tipsy HAAHAHHA
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  1. Making me drool early this morning!!! hahaha! <3

    -Miss Sennnaa