Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Noobie Foodie│Beijing Alley

This restaurant is located in one of the most populated and high traffic areas in Sydney City which means I walk past it EVERY SINGLE DAY! So it was obviously on my bucket list of places I needed to try! And finally I got the opportunity to!! 
And for those that don't know I am Chinese so I had pretty high expectations of this place as it would be a more home style food that I'm familiar with! Even though it didn't quite meet my expectations for an afford, quick and filling meal it's definitely worth a try!! (I'm planning on going again) 

Here's some delicious breakfast food they offer! 油条 ( Chinese Donuts) is one of my favorite breakfast food and they offer them there! But I was there for dinner so I'll have to wait for another time to give it a go. LOOKING FORWARD TO 油条! 
So my friend and I ordered two different types of sets - A Beijing Zha Jiang Noodle Meal ($15.80) and Prawn & Pork Wonton meal ($12.80). Each meal comes two cold dishes and 2 drinks along with the main dish! YAY EXTRA VALUE!! I got the plum juice and my friend Kat ordered the Orange juice! 

This was the 北京炸酱面 - Beijing Zha Jiang noodles which is noodles that are covered with minced pork salted fermented beans sauce. After you mixed with the sauce the noodles end up looking like..

Zha jiang noodle is one of my favourite dishes in any Asian meal (it's also in Korean cuisines) because the sauce is warm but the noodles are cold so it's a really easy to eat meal. This particular dish from Beijing Alley was really simple even though it wasn't anything mind blowingly brilliant it was very homely and I enjoyed it! It's definitely on my list of things to cook now! 

The wonton dish was a lot more disappointing mainly because there just wasn't a lot in it! I'm used to eating wontons with a lot more fillings and the soup was too oily for my particular taste! (you can see it on the surface!) Again wasn't the best wontons I've ever had. I would recommend trying a different meal! 

The cold dish that was the starter was ironically my favourite part of the meal!! 凉拌猪耳丝 - Spiced Pig Ear is one of those dishes that I love! And it was delicious! I really love the texture and the tongue numbing spiciness of the this dish! YUM! 
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Location: ★★★★★

Beijing Alley is located in the most convenient place! Right on George St! Which means that it's incredibly easy to find! Not an issue spotting this place! 

Menu: ★★★☆☆

The menu isn't the most extensive but there is a good selection of interesting Chinese dishes available to try! There main sellers are the omelettes and other set menus. I would recommend trying a set! 

Taste: ★★☆☆

Except for the spiced pig ear which I really enjoyed (but might be not to other people's taste) the other dishes are not too special! The noodles are very filling and fresh  but the wontons were definitely a bit disappointing! 

Price: ★★★☆☆

The price is a bit expensive for Chinese food but then there was a lot in the portion so it was relatively fair. Especially considering the convenient location! 

Overall: ★★★☆☆ 

Our food came very very quickly which was convenient and there wasn't a problem getting a table since it was still early! I would have liked to try some other sets! The service was efficient but it was definitely handy to know Chinese! I would recommend this place for a quick and convenient meal but maybe not for hanging out for hours as it does get packed very easily! 

♥ Lingfish 
Happy Eating! 
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  1. aww .. yeah, I did see the oil on the wonton noodles and thought ... maybe it still tasted alright? Shame...
    but the pigs ears sounds great, and awesome the aha jiang noodles brought you a homely feeling :D

    1. Sadly the wontons were not really good especially since I've eating home made ones which are 1110000x better!!

      HAHAH yesh love the pig ears <3 not even sure what it's made of! XD

      thank you for the comment!

      <3 Ling

  2. Oh I really want to try this place out! I always walk past it on my way to and from work but have just never walked in for food! xx giglove

    1. thanks for the comment lisa! :D
      maybe give it a go one day but dont have high expectations!

      <3 Ling

  3. Big appetite for you and happy tummy of yours
    I really2 like Chinese food especially wonton ahhh you make me so hungry

    1. HAHAH :D It was really delicious! Chinese food is soo nom!!

  4. I agree, the food wasn't so tasty. I had the pork burger - bun was rather dry