Sunday, 24 August 2014

Café Explorer │Blue Bird Coffee

It has been A WHILEEEE since my last post! And man I missed blogging!! I’ve been to so many interesting food places and the pictures are just waiting to be edited and the posts waiting to be written. So this is just a short post about one of my recent favourite cafes while I prepare a MEGA MELBOURNE recap post – STAY TUNED for that! 
Blue Bird Coffee is a relatively new addition to the regent square family that has become a new hub for Asian food and I’m really loving the coffee there! I’ve visited several times and I really need to try the different beans they have available but anyway onto the exploration!
Green Tea Latte part 1
So the first time I tried Blue Bird Coffee I tried the Green Tea latte ($3.80) and it soon became one of my favourite drinks from Blue Bird!! It wasn’t too milky and still had the flavour of Matcha which is what I really love! 
Green tea latte part 2

Yep, I definitely went back and got the Green Tea latte again! Yummm! Always a favourite! But the second time it was very different and the green tea flavour was much stronger but that’s ok I enjoyed it none the less!

This is the Cafe Latte ($3.50) which my friend Cathy had and it was a very smooth plus the coffee art is totally soo cute!! 
Nutella Muffin

Also we tried the Nutella Muffin and this quickly became a favourite as well! Very very sweet muffin with a nutella filled center at the top and icing sugar! A great choice for afternoon tea! It was very moist and soft which is exactly how I like my muffins to be – YAYYY! 
The third time I went to Blue Bird I finally tried the Mocha ($4) and it was definitely how I liked it! Not too much chocolate but enough to sweeten the coffee and smooth enough for me to enjoy while still retaining the coffee taste! Plus the little biscuit that was included was very yummy as well! 
Mocha and Affogato
I also tried the Affogato ($4) which is not my regular type of coffee but it features a scoop of vanilla ice cream which added the sweetness that I like! But because there was no milk the espresso taste was much stronger than I expected. Just a note – if you mixed the ice cream and the espresso shot together it just tastes like Coffee flavoured ice cream! 

Read more for the review:

Location: ★★★★★

Very convenient location! Regent Place is located right next to Town Hall station so it’s an easy location for all the city dwellers out there! It can be a little more challenging to find if you’re not careful – tucked right next to Chef’s Gallery! 

Menu: ★★★☆☆

Not the most comprehensive menu out there since there’s not as much variety available but they do offer three different types of beans for you to try with your coffee! And there’s food that’s on offer on the counter that’s not included in the menu so look out for that (like the Nutella muffin we tried!) 

Taste: ★★★☆☆

Definitely one of my favourite cafes because I really enjoy the taste of their coffee! But I’m mainly rating the taste of the food and the muffin was quite delicious! 

Price: ★★★☆☆

Average price for a cafe, the coffee wasn’t particular expensive or really afforable! So it’s worth a visit if you’re really into coffee and want to try some place different! 

Overall: ★★★★☆

This cafe has quickly became one of my favourite places to have coffee in the CBD because of it’s cosy environment and beautiful surrounding! It’s not the best cafe for a huge group outing since there’s not much space inside but for those people (like me) who really enjoy some self-indulgent reading time in a cafe then this is a great place for that! The staff are very friendly and helpful which is wonderful! Blue Bird Coffee is a great cafe for small catchups and study time! 

Love their lights! 

♥ Lingfish
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  1. Oh...That coffee looks so goood...Have a great week!

    1. The coffee was amazing! :D

      thank you Cristina!

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