Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Noobie Foodie│Pappa Rich

Hi friends! 
One of the luckiest things about attending Sydney uni is the amount of delicious food in our area! Newtown, Broadway and Surry Hills are all completely within reach! And since it's my last semester at uni there's definitely no better time to explore the wonderful food outlets nearby! So I decided to start with Pappa Rich the Malaysian Restaurant that opened near Broadway recently which constantly has a line (for good reasons too)!

So on to the food....
Iced Kopi 

My friend Kat ordered the Iced Kopi ($3.90) which is the Malaysian version of an iced coffee and it was really refreshing! Not as bitter as normal Australian coffee and definitely milkier than what I'm used to but suitable for people who don't enjoy very strong coffee! 
Gravy Noodles

This was such a delicious dish!! Pappa Wat Tan Hor ($13.50) which is a wok fried combination noodle with egg gravy, prawns, fish cakes, chicken slices and fried shallots and a side of sliced preserved green pepper! Yummy texture of the gravy! Love the smoothness of it! Definitely worth a try! 
Rice, Chicken and Sambal prawn

For me I chose the Biryani Rice with Red Chicken and Sambal Prawn ($13.50) and man I didn't regret my choice at all! The rice was so flavoursome and different! The sambal gave me the spicy kick I needed! The red curry chicken was juicy and not spicy at all! The best meat comes off the bone and damn the meat definitely came off the bone for this! YUM!

How does one go to Pappa Rich and not try the Roti?! But we were quite full at this point so we just tried the Roti Canai ($6.90). So fluffy and delicious! Love Roti so so so so much! I really want to compare Pappa Rich's roti to Mamak's Roti! 
Read more for the full review:

Location: ★★★★★
So easy to find! And they opened new franchises in Parramatta & Chatswood as well! Definitely convenient to get to! Especially recommended if you go to Usyd (like me!) 
Menu: ★★★★☆
Very detailed menu with a wide selection of noodle, rice and roti options! Plus very very pretty pictures that make me happy! Also dessert and many drinks are available as well! Love the extensive menu! 

Taste: ★★★★☆
DELICIOUS! The rice, noodles and roti were all very well done here! And I have nothing to complain about! Except maybe some extra pieces of chicken would be great! 
Price: ★★★★☆
Reasonably priced! Affordable for the average uni student! Under $15 will get you a decent meal! Of course it's so delicious you'll end up ordering more and more then eventually it'll start adding up! 
Overall: ★★★★☆
Definitely coming back to eat here again! The food was served really quickly and ordering was made really simple by writing the number on to a piece of paper and handing it to the waitress! No dramas! It's not a place to linger and talk though since the line really starts to build after 6pm! GET IN EARLY! The ambience is lovely and the lighting is beautiful in this restaurant! Cannot wait to go back and try more food! 

Happy Eating! 
♥ Lingfish
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  1. Mmm I love Pappa Rich for a quick Malaysian fix! You should try their steamed bread with kaya :D

    1. OHH that sounds amazing!! Thanks for that! I love kaya! :D :D

  2. I can't believe I haven't been there yet! Love the look of that roti :)

    1. OHH you definitely have to try it! And the roti is great! :D