Saturday, 29 March 2014

Snack Attack ⁄⁄ The Dough Collective

This is my new post series for food!! Snack Attack which is for when I try new snacks or foods but not as a meal just as afternoon tea or desserts!!
The Dough Collective is the hot new bakery that opened recently on George St right near Events Cinema and it quickly caught my attention! Bread is amazing and nothing beats warm fresh bread! 

The best thing about The Dough Collective is THE SAMPLES OF BREAD!! I've tried almost everything because I ate all the samples! I adore the samples! And it makes me come back to them every time. 

After much bread tasting and difficult decision making I decided on the Chinese Longan Bun! It contains black glutinous rice, dried longan and black sesame! I've always loved longan ever since I was little and the dried longan filling was super generous combined with the chewy and soft bun I was sold!

It was sooo good. The gooey center! AHHH! Definitely makes a wonderful snack!

 The Dough Collective also has lots of other bread creations I'm dying to try! Top of my list is definitely the Hokkaido Azuki Toast! Red bean toast! And the sample was amazing! Can't wait to go and buy some! The Chocolate Surprise was also another delicious snack bun that I really want to try! The richness of chocolate is unbeatable! 

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  1. omg yes the Hokkaido Azuki Toast is the best! It's so delicious and the red beans are soft ^^ It's lovely to eat toasted.

    1. OMG I cannot wait to buy some for breakfast! :D

      it would make my day!!