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Noobie Foodie│Ippudo Ramen Sydney

Hi Friends!
It's winter and right now it's absolutely FREEZING which is not all bad since it's a great excuse to eat one of my favourite food - RAMEN! Since Ippudo opened I've only had the opportunity to go there a few times and I've always enjoyed my experiences there! Here is my Noobie Foodie review of one of the most talked about ramen places in Sydney!

So first the food!!
Pork Buns! 

Pork buns #2! 
How does one eat at Ippudo and not have the delicious pork buns ($4)? The succulent and juicy pork slice in soft fluffy buns delicious! My only wish is that they can be a bit bigger! And the sauce for the pork buns YUM!!
Another must have with ramen is Gyoza ($6) which is the Japanese version of dumplings! I have to admit these were not the best dumplings I've ever had because they were a bit too burnt and there wasn't enough filling inside for my liking. But I'm very pedantic about my gyoza so that's another reason why I didn't find these very satisfying. 

This was the Miso Tonkotsu Chashu ramen ($22) which is a part of their seasonal ramen menu - Chapter 6! With miso fused with pork as broth and thin slices of chashu on the top! 

I choose the Akamaru Tamago ($19) because I really love the preserved egg in ramen! And the little bit of extra spice! The broth isn't very thick and it was really important to mix the broth as there was a bit of oil residue on the top but overall it was pretty yum! 
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Location: ★★★★★
Very very convenient location, Ippudo is on the food court level in Pitt St Mall and because of the convenience depending on the time you visit there may be a line of people waiting outside for a seat. 
Menu: ★★★☆☆
The menu offered a variety of different ramen options, entrees and other a la carte options as well. It's fairly extensive and a wide variety of different dishes available for people to try! And desserts are on the menu too! 
Taste: ★★★☆☆
Ippudo ramen is delicious and it's great that you can choose the firmness of the noodles (reminds me greatly of Japan) but it can be a bit disappointing if you're after a very thick pork broth full of flavour. The pork bun however was SO YUMMY! I definitely want to go back for another pork bun! 
Price: ★★☆☆☆
For a bowl of ramen it's not cheap....definitely one of the more expensive ramen places in Sydney. I'm more used to paying $10-$15 for a bowl of ramen so it is a bit pricier. 
Overall: ★★★☆☆
The ambience of the restaurant is quite nice and I really liked the friendly waitress/waiters that served us. And we were lucky there was not a line so we didn't have to wait! But it's definitely not a place I would go to regularly maybe once is while! 

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  1. I love their ramen and pork bun! But I agree - prices are a bit steep for a bowl of ramen.

    1. Glad that you agree!! But the pork bun saves the day! HAHA xD

  2. I agree with you, too pricey but I like the service.

    1. I'm glad you agree!!!

      The waitresses are sooo nice!

  3. Replies
    1. Cannot agree more! :D

      so soft and delicious!