Monday, 7 July 2014

Noobie Foodie│Soda Factory

Good morning/evening friends!
It's finally the uni break and I can finally go back to regular blogging! YAY! This time it's about a very hidden and unique place called the Soda Factory. For those that can find where it is - WELL DONE! It's honestly one of the most interesting entrances to a bar/restaurant I've ever been to! Although I'm not a regular visitor to the place I wish I had more time to hang out there! Especially on Tuesdays because they have ONE DOLLAR HOT DOGS! AWW YES! And the hot dogs are soo worth trying out!!

I really wish I tried all the different hot dog options (there are 5 in total) but because my friend Kat and I weren't that hungry we didn't end up getting that many just 2 each. It's ok because I'm totally going back to get some more!
Frank Sinatra
The first hot dog I tried was The Frank Sinatra, which was a beef and pork frankfurter, pickles and a crispy onion ring! It was a very petite hot dog for what I'm used to but it was delicious! Tasty mustard and I love the pickles!
Buffalo Bill 
OH this was SO YUMMY! The Buffalo Bill which was a battered chicken sausage with spicy buffalo sauce and cheese! OH YUM! The batter was so crispy combined with the slightly spicy sauce definitely would get again!
Yoko Ono

Kat got the Yoko Ono which was the vegetarian hot dog and I didn't expect much from it but it was actually pretty tasty! Of course not my favourite but not bad for a veggie sausage!
Read more for the full review!

Location: ★★★☆☆
It's in the City and it's near Oxford Street but boy it's a bit difficult to find! The first time going there I got very confused! It's on Wentworth Avenue in Surry Hills honestly I would Google Map it every time! The entrance is VERY bright and easy to spot!

Menu: ★★★☆☆
Mainly American style diner/fast food, so think hot dogs, burgers, onion rings and chilli chips etc. They also have menu specials for each day of the week. Tuesday being the $1 hotdogs! On Wednesdays they have specials for the fried chicken (just saying)! 
This was the hot dog menu! 
Taste: ★★★☆☆
Gourmet hot dogs that are tasty and different to your typical hot dogs! I really enjoyed the Buffalo Bill! The spicy sauce what I really loved about it combined with the battered sausage yummy! 

Price: ★★★★★
SO CHEAP! Even though the hot dogs are somewhat mini sized for the price you pay it's soooo worth it! GO FOR THE PRICE!! Just saying you have to get a drink to get the special :P 
Overall: ★★★★☆
The deco and setting were really different to your typical diner venue which I really liked! There were a lot of details that were done really well! I really love the chill ambiance and the music! If you go on the weekend it becomes more like a bar and there's live music playing! I really enjoyed my visits to The Soda Factory! 
♥ Lingfish
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  1. Interesting and cheap hot dogs, making my way there soon (on a Tuesday hahaha) !

    1. HAHA! Definitely on a Tuesday! :DD
      SOO CHEAPP!!

  2. What sort of drinks do they have ?

    1. They have a fairly extensive drinks menu with alcohol & others! Try their website :)

  3. Wow looks good, definitely have to visit!

    1. YES! :D Do it do it!

      So worth the try!!

  4. i love how random the entrance is and $1 hotdogs are awesome!

    1. SO TRUE! one of the most interesting entrances! :D

      and yes yummy hot dogs!