Monday, 14 July 2014

Food Adventure - Surry Hills Edition

SURRY HILLS - a suburb of Cafe and food heaven! Recently I've been spending a lot of my time in this wonderful place and slowly I'm falling in love! I would LOVE to live here actually...but then again I spend so much time here it's as if I live here!
So here's a little list of the wonderful places in Surry Hills that I've tried/reviewed & the ones I want to try sooo badly! There are so many hidden places in this foodie suburb!
  • Devon Cafe: Even though I've already been and blogged about this cafe, their menu keeps changing! And now they're opened for DINNER! All I want to do is visit them again!

  • Bourke Street Bakery: It's my regular place (literally I'm there pretty much every single day now) and I'm so excited to get my blog posts up about this amazing bakery! 

  •  Four Ate Five: One of my favourite food in the universe is EGG! And man this cafe knows how to do amazing eggs! Post coming up soon!

  •  The Book Kitchen: love the wonderful ambience of this cafe, it's the most perfect place to sit and have a read of a book. Cannot wait to try the food in this cafe!

  •  Mad Spuds: It's winter and it's cold so it's the best time to get some carb on! What's a better way to do that then get some potatoes yumm

  • Rustic Pearl: I love how the cafe is tag line is food for the soul! And man the food looks amazing!

  • El Loco: I've always wanted to eat here!! Mexican food is amazing!!

  • Bills: AMAZING HOTCAKES! My blog post about Bills will be coming up soon!

  • Chur Burger: DELICIOUS DELICIOUS DELICIOUS! Cheap and wonderfully tasty burgers that always hit the spot! 

  • The Paramount Coffee Project: This has been on my to visit list for EVER! And I'm determine to go this holidays! 

  • KOKO: This is a really beautifully decorated cafe that I walk pass every day as I head to my work experience and man I want to try coffee there! 

  • Reuben Hill: I've been to this cafe once but it was sooo long ago and I love the eggs there! Plus the milk shake was amazing! 

  • Le Monde: This is another one that I've been dying to try for the delicious instagram pictures that I've seen! The food looks so delicious!

  • MoVida: Finally I found out where Movida was located in Surry Hills! And boy I want to try the Wagyu there so badly! Especially since I missed out in Melbourne! *boo*

  • Gnome: This cafe is part of Brewtown Newtown and it's located soo close to the office (again I walk pass everyday) I really want to try the food there! 

  • Kurtosh: The cakes here are amazing! Thank you Cathy for bringing me here! And again so close to the office! 

  • Stix: DESSERT! Beautifully arranged ice cream with your choice of toppings! How can I say no? 

  • The Soda Factory:  Very unique venue and interesting concepts! Plus delicious food and good music YAYY! 
Honestly I would add more to the list but realistically with only 2 weeks left to my work experience in Surry Hills it's probably best not to overload myself with too many missions! But this is my brief list and I'm going to try my hardest to cover of these places in this time! 
♥ Lingfish


  1. awesome list :D. wish i worked closer to surry hills. so many lunch options!

    1. Hahahah thank you Annie! Yesh there definitely are perks to working in Surry Hills! WOOO :D