Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Melbourne Food Bucket List

So this is another FOOD BUCKET LIST POST!!! :D My friend and I will be adventuring in Melbourne very very SOON! It's the second time I'll be going and this time there'll definitely be a much heavier emphasis on FOOD because I've heard sooo many good things about the food it Melbourne! 
Anyway here is my food bucket list for Melbourne: PLEASE FRIENDS SUGGEST THINGS AND RECOMMEND THINGS! :) thank you!

1. Cafes: 
2. Restaurants:
  • Purple Peanut 

3. Bars/Clubs

4. Dessert:
Clearly I'm still researching at the moment!! But here are some photos from 2 years ago from Melbourne!!

Lingfish :3 


  1. Dukes is amazing!! Love their halloumi burger!! <3 It's my fav and plus there's a cute barista there too ;) hahah~ not sure if he'll be there when you go~ hahah!
    & We tried to go to rooftop bar......was so packed 3 hr wait so best to go earlier if you want to go :/ That's one thing i didn't get to do in Melb, bar hopping~ hahaha!
    & Koko black MMMmmm!!! They kept feeding us FREE SAMPLES!! Was soooooo good!
    Go to purple peanut? is what i think it's called, they have green tea chocolate which is *DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLS*!! Buy me a block please if you do past it hahhaha! :P

    -Miss Sennnaa

    1. OHHH must go there early then!!! :D

      soo keen to try koko black!! Purple peanut? lemme try to find it HAHAAH XD

  2. I recommend "Silo" cafe, cozy brunch place, opposite hardware societe. I went melbourne about 3 weeks ago and hardware societe was under renovation.

    Kenzan for Japanese is really good too.
    I've heard good things about cumulus Inc and coda bar and restaurant. I haven't had a chance to go to them yet. Both near colins/Flinders lane

    If you like Italian food, check out lygon st in Carlton. It's bustling day and night, bit like Norton st or bigger with shops aswell.
    Must check out brunetti cafe on lygon st if you have time. It's a massive patisserie, biggest I've seen and very very busy. Took a while to be served but it's definitely worth checking out for the atmosphere!

    Enjoy your trip!


      I really appreciate it!!! I'll be updating my list very soon!! THANK YOU AGAIN <3