Saturday, 22 March 2014

Noobie Foodie │ Meat and Wine Co.

Meat and Wine Co in Darling Harbour has been on my bucket list for THE LONGEST TIME because I walk past in all the time but I was definitely way too poor to try this place! But I’m really lucky I have wonderful ‘parents’ and they sponsored me this meal! THANKYOU GUYS! MWAMWA. Anyways I was really excited to try the food here and it was every bit as fancy as I expected!

So on to the food:

For those who don’t me – I like alcohol. A LOT!! So I couldn’t go pass the Cocktail menu and ended up ordering a Love Potion (is this cocktail meant to help my nonexistent love life?? – well it hasn’t worked). Regardless of the effectiveness of the potion it was a very sweet and easy to drink cocktail that contained muddled strawberries, belvedere vodka, Suntory rubis and cointreau then shaken with pineapple juice and finished with Mozart choc liqueur.  Very girly and yummy!

This was my mummy’s drink – The Perfect Match! Sailor Jerry spiced rum, pepperjack shiraz and a dash of chocolate bitters mixed with cranberry juice and slightly sweetened. It was called the perfect match because it complements the steaks! This cocktail has a bit more punch and wasn’t as sweet. The primary flavour was the shiraz and because I don’t really like red wine it wasn’t my favourite!

Then on the entrée which was Portuguese Prawn – char grilled prawns, eschalots and a creamy Portuguese sauce served with a cabbage, brown rice and capsicum pilaf. It was my first time trying a Portuguese dish!! The sauce was very creamy and flavoursome which was a definitely plus to the delicious prawns! Pilaf (rice cooked in seasoned broth) reminded me a bit of risotto and was definitely heavier than what I’m used to in a rice dish – it was so full of flavour!! I really enjoyed the entrée!

Of course if you’re going to be at a restaurant called Meat and Wine co you’ll be eating – STEAK! YAY I love steak! (It’s so ironic because my last post was at a Vegan restaurant HAHA)! Both my mummy and I ordered the Monte Black Wagyu Rib Eye 300g cooked medium rare ($59…OFFT) and daddy ordered the wagyu rump which was 500g. I’m a huge fan of steaks and this was an AMAZING STEAK! The meat was so tender and juicy! AHHHHHH so good! I pretty much ate the steak without sauce because it was already so delicious without any flavouring! It was definitely good quality meat, so easy to cut and eat!!
The chips were thick cut and fried to perfection! As to not waste the sauce I used most of it on the chips! Even though I was really full the food was so good I actually finished the entire meal!

Did I mention we also got an extra side of mash potatoes? It was A LOT OF FOOD!
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Location: ★★★★★

It’s one of the most conveniently located restaurants! Right next to darling harbour and certain seats in the restaurant will get amazing views of the harbour!!

Menu: ★★★☆☆

The menu was filled with all things meaty and hearty! Meat and Wine Co wants to be known for their meat so the menu was definitely emphasising that! I would REALLY like to try a burger there next time or the Steak sandwich!! YES!

Taste: ★★★★

IT WAS DAMN GOOD MEAT! I cannot describe the taste of such good quality meat it’s making my mouth water just writing about it!

Price: ★★☆☆☆

The only downside really is the price!! Definitely a REALLY expensive steak! It’s worth it if you’re going for a special occasion maybe once a year but it’s worth a try. SAVE UP!

Overall: ★★★★☆

Definitely had a really wonderful meal! The service was really prompt and efficient! The ambience was great but it was a shame because we didn’t get a water front view seat. I would definitely recommend going here for a special meal!

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  1. Mmm~ hahah! Love the bit where you say " I LOVE ALCOHOL!" hahah~
    reminds me of bali~ Ahh those days~

    -Miss Sennnaa


      I am alcho to the max!! <3 they are the best!!


  2. I could totally go here again - it's been ages!

    1. GOGOGO! :D

      I really wanna go again and get the steak sandwich!!

  3. that steak sure does look good! Shame I have never been (although have walked past it a million times), everytime i think steak around darling harbour.. I end up at Hurricanes! got to save up to try this place out :p

    1. IT was really good!!! so juicy even without sauce!! MEATY GOODNESS!!!

      Hurricanes is quite good as well~ but the quality of the meat is different! TRY ITTTT :D I reckon it's worth a try!!!

      Lingfish <3

  4. went here for my bday a few years ago. the steak was soo good but so expensive! sighs.


      worth it for a special occasion I reckon!