Friday, 29 November 2013

3D Re-wearable Japanese Nail (゜▼゜*)

Recently I've really gotten into different forms of nail art because my work don't let us have any coloured or structured nail polish since it'll most likely damaged the products that we sell! And as a rule of life - when you can't have something you'll want it more! 
After seeing my friend's (Becky-chan) photo of her absolutely adorable nail pictures on Instagram I absolutely love them and wanted to blog about them ASAP! :3  


Simple plain blue checkers with 3D ribbons and bling attached! 

These nails are so damn cute!! I absolutely love them to bits and pieces! 

Alpaca nails - with a floral background so cute! 
Simple black and red bling and ribbon 3D nails :) 
Christmas special nails with bears :) SO CUTE! the pink ribbons remind of something else though... hahah :P 
Another Christmas special BEAR SANTA :) 
Rilakkuma Summer special <3 CUTENESS!! 
Basic Features:
- 3D customised designer Japanese nails
- Stones and designs all set on fake nails
- 100% hand made in Japan 
- bought from: Ohimenailstyle on Etsy

How to Use 3D fake nails:

There's a few ways to attach fake nails - glue or tape! So the tap is more recommended because it's a double sided tap and once on it's much easier to remove compared to the glue! It sticks really well and doesn't damage the nail beds as much. They need to be cut and customised to suit each nail shape (even though they come in different sizes already) but that's not too difficult and once you get the hang of it shouldn't be a challenge! 
Here's how they look once on:

They look soo adorable on the fingers! I absolutely LOVE LOVE ♥ them so I shall be purchasing some myself! 
These are the ones I want to purchase:

How pretty are the available designs! They're sooo nice!! 
And finally I wrote a table of Pros and Cons for these Japanese 3D nails for anyone interesting in purchasing them! 
  • Can be reused many times
  • Designs can be customized and made to fit your nails specifically
  • The price ranges from $5 to $30 depending on the design 
  • It’s 100% handmade so the quality of the nails are guaranteed
  • It’s really good value because manicures are so expensive
  • The tap is affordable $2.8 from any Daiso store
  • Shipping is FREE (standard!)
  • The seller is very friendly and will discuss with you in great detail about the design
  • If damaged can be difficult to fix
  • The tap has to be cut to fit which can be a bit tricky
  • The shipping can take a while because they’re shipped from Japan
  • Need to be very careful with your hands because they are fragile
  • The removal process can be time consuming
  • I’m not allowed to wear them for work and I’m working a lot :’(
  • if you have a complex design it can be pricey 
 Anyway I definitely would recommend checking out her page!! And once I receive mine I shall definitely write a more detailed post about how to put them on how to remove them & a review of the quality! :)

♥ Lingfish~ 

P.s Thank you Becky for helping with taking photos :3 


  1. Looking forward to seeing your post when your nails arrive :D

    1. I shall post for suree~
      but gotta figure out how to use PayPal first! HAHAH #noob!! :D