Friday, 15 November 2013


Hi blogiverse for everyone that don't know me - My name is Ling (not Ming or Ching or Bling) and I'm a lifestyle blogger in Sydney Australia! 
Here is another blog by Ling! This year I've definitely made more blogs than any other year of my life - when I counted all of them it's like TEN BLOGS!! For people that know nothing at all about me now they know - I'm definitely an excessive person with a compulsion to blog. So here's my blogging story:
I started blogging very early in 2008-2009 (I can't remember because it was 4 years ago) and it started very simply because at the time it was really trending among my friends at one point all of my high school friends were blogging about various different things mainly just the angst and worries of teenage life (we've all been there right?!). At the time I was really passionate about a few things but one thing that I was OBSESSED with was Kpop. That's nothing too crazy or amazing but at the time kpop wasn't popular or as mainstream as it is today - Gangnam style wasn't released then! So it was quite a niche topic and even though I was blogging mainly to distract myself from the stress of HSC (university entrance exam) somehow my blog really took off and I wrote for a kpop website VERY briefly!
It was all very new and exciting and I really really enjoyed the entire experience. What made me want to start blogging again this year was the fact I left this kpop blog for FOUR YEARS because my life became so preoccupied with university, parties, socialising, work, dating and a whole bunch of crazy new things but this blog has consistently been viewed by people ALL over the world! And at this point it's almost to 100,000 views! Now that may not seem like a large number to most people especially to those well established famous bloggers out there but for me especially as a 17 year old girl - IT'S A HUGE DEAL! It made me realise how I like to share my passion and life with people and that people READ what I wrote!
WHUT EVEN?! :O for anyone that wants to check out my old blog. 
That's where the motivation to start another blog came from - good work past Ling!
2013 has been a year of crazy (definitely will have another post about that later). But I realised that I need to get back to this form of sharing and connecting with people because it's what I love and enjoy! Don't get me wrong it didn't take me 11 months to realise I want to get back into blogging - my 9 other blog attempts all failed because I really couldn't stick to just one subject matter! My life is really a spectrum of things and although this blog is going to predominately beauty, fashion, skin care, food and health related there are so many other things I want to blog about as well!
Happilylingfish is born out of this crazy. And this time I am determined to stick with it and blog continuously at least for this year until 2014! It's going to be last year of uni and just like with my last blog which was in my last year of high school it really made me happier and kept me going I'm hoping this blog will do the same! HERE TO BEING A NOOB!  :D 
♥ Lingfish~ 
P.S. I'm also currently on Tumblr (It's amazing!) So join me there! 

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