Thursday, 21 November 2013

Makeup Haul #1 - Natio brushes and more (◕‿◕✿)

To be perfectly honest - I wasn't meant to spend money! But when I saw that Priceline was having a 40% off cosmetic discount I really couldn't resist myself! But I stayed on the 'safe' side and bought more essential things than things I wanted to get (only because I would get everything)! So here's my makeup haul!! And I'll write about using the products also soon :) 
The entire collection :) 

That's everything that I bought on the day - it doesn't look like much and it costed me $43.15 all together (there goes my payyyyyyyyyyy)! 
That strange packaging!
The first product that I bought was the Maybelline Fit Me Bronzer, in the colour Light Bronze. I have really fair skin so I've never actually owned a bronzer before! But I really need one to do more contouring stuff and when I tried this bronzer on my skin it seemed to be dark enough to use as contouring but not so dark that I look like I'm painting my face! 
The packaging is a bit dodgy though as you can tell from the picture - when I opened it the cover was already broken - I DIDN'T do it! It was already like that *cough*. But in all seriousness the bronzer is good the packaging hmmm I'm not so sure. Maybe it was only my one? 

This is the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain - in number 45 Romantic/Romantique. I have this lip balm in a pale pink colour from sometime last year and I absolutely LOVE IT! It has the moisture of a lip balm with the colour of a lipstick what's not to love and to be honest I don't like wearing lipsticks because it has a tendency to get on my teeth and just everywhere so this was my perfect solution! So now I just want to collect ALL of them! 
I WANT THEM ALL! One Ring to rule them all! (omg..I'm so lame)

Then I also bought 2 eye liner pencils and 1 lip liner from a brand called Savvy which is an affordable and local brand of cosmetics stocked only at Priceline! They were around $1.5 each~ Super cheap! I've used the black eye liner but to be honest pencil liners never work for me because my eye lids are so oily (DAMMIT SKIN) So it smudges and gets every where definitely wouldn't recommend but I'm yet to try the other two so who knows? I remain hopeful!
Here's the colour swatch on my hand - first being the Maybelline lip balm, then the pencil lip liner, black eye liner and black eye liner! 
Le packaging

This was my favourite item! I absolutely loved loved these brushes - I haven't used them yet and I already love them (clearly too keen)! So it was the Natio Professional Brush Kit and it was SO SOFT!!!!! Here are some close up photos of the brushes and I'll post a tutorial of how to use them LATER :) 

Kabuki brush 

Dual Headed Eye Definer and Lip Brush 

These brushes are not made from natural animal hair because Natio is an organic brand and they really pride themselves on not abusing animals for beauty~ YAY! That's the end of my Haul post! FIRST ONE EVER! 
Am I a beauty blogger yet? AHAHAH LOLJKS 

♥ Lingfish~ 

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