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Dolly Wink Liquid Eye Liner Review - Old and NEW ♥

MOI :) 
For everyone that doesn't know I have very very small mono lid Asian Eyes (I can rant for the entire post about that topic alone but I'll save it) so eye liner is one of the MOST IMPORTANT make up things that I must have on ALL THE TIME! If I don't have to do my entire eyes I must at least have eye liner on so I've used quite a range of eye liners and  today I wanted to review the Dolly Wink Eye Liners both of them are liquid! (ノ^∇^) 
Some background: Dolly Wink is a part of the Japanese company Koji and created by the famous GAL model Tsubasa Masuwaka. 
Miss Tsubasa Masuwaka

Dolly Wink Eye Liner Version 1 - THE BEST EYE LINER I'VE EVER USED! 

How the Pen looks Uncapped! THIN and SHARP!

Colour: Black 
The colour of the eye liner is dark and it doesn't require a lot of strokes to build up it's naturally quite a dark ink which is convenient because I frequently draw my eye liner while I'm in a moving vehicle (mostly the bus) so it helps that I can get a dark black line very quickly.
Brush/Tip: Soft and sharp
The tip is like any precision liner very sharp and it's soft so it doesn't feel harsh on the sensitive skin of the eye lids. 
My skin especially around my eyes are very oily and I also dance so I sweat quite a bit but this eye liner can really hack the harsh environments! It doesn't fade very easily and stays on until the end of the day! Some times it does smudge a little bit but compared to MANY other eye liners I've tried (I can review all the others..maybe later) It's by far the longest lasting! 
Price and Accessibility: 
It's not the cheapest eye liner I bought it for $12 or $13 at a SASA Pop up store in Sydney around 2 years ago so in terms accessibility - it's really not easy to get! Since it's always out of stock at the online stores and I can't find it in Australia! 
The saddest thing is the lip of my beautiful eye liner come off and it DRIED (。┰ω┰。) 
I was upset for a VERY VERY VERY long time and I tried to fix by putting in water which worked for a little while but the consistency and the colour was never the same as before it dried and soon the hair on the brush started fraying because of all the water. Make up isn't suited for such harsh environments! So I purchased another eye liner when I went to Japan the same but the second version!

Dolly Wink Eye Liner VERSION 2 - NOT THE SAME!  


Colour: BLACK
The colour was still the same fairly dark and easy to create a black bold line without too much effort and it survived the drawing on the bus test that was good! 
Brush/Tip: Soft and Sharp
The brush was still soft, sharp and hard the same qualities as the old brush so at first I thought the new Dolly Wink Eye liner would be the perfect replacement for my old one! 
Longevity: LIKE ONE HOUR?
This is the part where they differ like night and day! This eye liner looks exactly the same the first version for the FIRST hour then it goes very steeply down hill! It doesn't smudge much either which is good but it FLAKES! Oh yes it flakes.. instead of a complete black line the line starts fading then small black dots start falling from the eye liner creating a strange hollow line! Then the flakes get on my face and create mini black mole/freckle things everywhere!! It was SUCH A MESS! 
I've never been told that I need to fix my eye liner until I've used this one! To be fair if I'm not doing anything extremely strenuous i.e. just staying at home it's fine but when I'm out boy it's so inconvenient!! 

Recommendation: VERSION ONE! If you can find it!! 

For myself I would definitely get the first version - ANY DAY! But I'm definitely not so keen on the second version! It was definitely incredibly disappointing with its none existing staying power and messiness! I wouldn't recommend it! Personally I'm on the hunt for another good eye liner (lots of hours on the internet and time at the shops ensures)! 


♥ Lingfish~ 

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