Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Re: Angie and Jason's wedding ♥


On the 9th of November I attended Angie and Jason's wedding with the ceremony at Column Garden in Centennial Park and then reception at L'Aqua! :)
It was such an awesome day plus night! The ceremony started late due to some traffic which I was really grateful for since I was running late also due to traffic on the road.
Damn it city traffic!   Once the beautiful bride arrived and  the ceremony was under way it felt like a fairy tale wedding, the park was filled with white cute seats and pretty pink and white flowers! (I LOVE FLOWERS!)
the happy couple saying vows :)


Imagine just imagine saying your vows here! Fairy tale right? 

And of course the vows were very moving - the interesting fact was the couple are both gamers so the ceremony music was game music
which I totally didn't recognise. But I thought that was a really sweet and personalised touch! :) THE DRESS is amazing! Angie looked like Disney Princess or something along those lines! And they both had a glowing happiness and about them that almost make me believe that Happily Ever After is real!
After the ceremony it was very short wait until the reception in the amazing L'Aqua. The view of Darling Harbour was stunning but due to my still noob photography skills I didn't take any photos! So I shall share some of other people's photos instead!
Darling Harbour 

L'aqua <3
Looks amazing right? :) 
Once we arrived at the ceremony there were canapes being served (DELICIOUS) and then wine, champagne, juice, water and other drinks served on platters available for everyone! Plus the out side was decorated with the same flowers as the ceremony which was definitely a consistency I liked. 

I wanted to take these home for my room! They are such pretty roses!

Then we were seated in to the room for dinner - the decoration were soooo pretty! The center pieces were more flowers or cages! Definitely different to any other weddings I've been to! And not to mention there were two adorable teddy bear couple left on each person's seat as a present for the guests :3 too cute! The boy bear was my date for the evening!

Me and my date for the wedding TEEHEE! 
Now to the high light - FOOD! Overall it was definitely veryvery good and there were two options which is bad for me because I always preferred the other option to the one I received
but that's just a bad habit I have!    For more photos and THE DINNER click :)

Ravioli with Tuna

Salmon :)
Those were the two entree - I got the Ravioli while my neighbour got the salmon. To be honest they were both amazing for entrees! But the salmon was seriously amazing but then again I love salmon A LOT! The flesh was cooked to perfection not too much but not undercooked (because I hate the taste of half raw foods!) There was tuna in the ravioli and it was also delicious but personal preference I would have liked the salmon!
The main was STEAK for me and as much as I enjoyed it - it really wasn't the best steak I've ever had but I really liked the sauce around it! It gave the steak a different flavour to what I'm used to in my steaks (usually pub grub for me).
ohhhh mouthgasms 
My personal favourite was the dessert (it's always the dessert)! And it was chocolate mousse - YAY!! Honestly I love chocolate A LOT so this dessert was really perfect for me! The taste was amazing light not heavy at all and just perfect. Although I'm not sure what the sugar dusted orange slice was doing at the top of this amazing creation but I abandoned it but no worries I got my fruit fix from that strawberry.
Such a pretty cake <3
Aside from the mousse the wedding cake was also served! That was also delicious - there were two flavours chocolate and buttermilk cake! I tried a bit of both -
 my stomach was exploding at this point!   after my mousse which made the cake seem less sweet but denser. Pretty sure if I was craving cake and I had it then I'd be screaming for joy but unfortunately I was simply too full and my taste buds too satisfied at this point!
At one point during the night the fire works at Darling Harbour also started and definitely increased the celebratory mood of the guests :)

It really was such a wonderful day/night that I can't help but share some of the awesome wedding photos they took! DAYMNNN this couple is easy on the eye! ♥
CONGRATULATIONS Jason and Angie :)
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  1. First thing i see in the morning......... food!
    hahaha hungry!!!!!! :P

    1. HAAHAH :P
      I felt like blogging last night - and nekminit no sleep til 2am!!

  2. Looks so lovely.


    1. It was definitely an amazing wedding! :D thankyou for commenting~