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Noobie Foodie Restaurant Reviews (●´)

This is how I’m planning to name my Restaurant reviews since I’m definitely no expert on food (except that I LOVE to eat) so this is probably the most appropriate name! I’m a noob foodie FOR SURE!!
Westfield Pitt St Mall  is one of the most frequently visited shopping centres in Sydney and part of the reason is because there’s a HUGE variety of delicious food at the food court! So after work one day my friend and I decided to go and grab some lunch at Chat Thai which is an in-house Thai restaurant on the sixth level of Pitt St Mall. Chat Thai’s always been a really popular restaurant due to their affordable and delicious food but the problem is there’s often a queue which can sometimes turn me away from this lovely restaurant.
Outside of the restaurant :)

We arrived right before the lunch time rush so luckily there was no queue and we could be seated right away to eat!
Contact Details 

Here are my ratings for Chat Thai:

Location: ★★★★★
Pitt St Mall is pretty much located in the city of Sydney so it’s incredibly easy to find on the large scale and getting to the food court is made really simple by the long escalator next to Sport’s Girl. Chat Thai is just one more level above the food court so it’s very easy to find and really well located.
Here's a map for your convenience! 
Hipster filters yeahh 
Chat Thai carry one of the most extensive Thai menus I’ve ever come across in Sydney! They deviated far from the ordinary Pad Thai and Pad See Ew to the point I don’t really know what most of the food is (thank goodness for pictures)! So there’s definitely lots of interesting things to try (for the adventurous side of us).
Taste: ★★★★☆ 
Delicious! Definitely full of flavour and spice! I would recommend going for the taste especially if you’re used to the thai food packed with MSG Chat Thai has a much more delicate flavour!
Price: ★★★★★
The price is very very affordable especially for people on a student budget that wants to eat good food (like myself)! $15 can get you a very decent meal at this restaurant and even though the portions are not massive it’s definitely filling unless you eat like a monster then I’m not sure..
Overall: ★★★★☆
 This restaurant is definitely worth trying out especially if you’re in the mood for thai food! The dishes were delicious and served very quickly which is great for all the busy office workers around that area! I’ll go on about the individual dishes we had later.
There are no real major problems with Chat thai except for a few small things. One thing was the service especially during the busy period the waiter/waitresses were not very responsive to any requests while I understand it was during a busy lunch time period so I’m not too fussed about it.  Also there was definitely a pressure to leave as soon as you finish eating because there were people queuing outside so it’s not the best restaurant to catch up with long lost friends because you can’t hear each other over the loud noise and for the sake of others you’d probably leave as soon as you finish eating! But on the other hand it’s great for solo lunches with some me time!
So on to the food…
Our entrée was the satay chicken which is a staple for Thai food (at least for me it is) and my – it was definitely one of the best satay chicken sticks I’ve had! The chicken was succulent and drowned in so much peanut sauce completely yummy!
The menu version! 

the ACTUAL version! 
Khao Na Gai Yaang 
My friend and I shared the mains and this was the grilled turmeric and lemongrass marinated chicken with smoked chilli and tamarind relish on rice. It was really definitely grilled well you could almost taste the smokey-ness. Combined with the nicely (slightly sweet) chilli sauce it was great!!
Again the menu version... 
the actual version of the noodles :D 
This is the Sukho Thai which is spicy thin rice noodles with fish dumplings and minced chicken which we got dry because it was a warm day and we didn’t want to eat soup! It was a very refreshing dish – light and not oily or greasy so definitely great for a hot day. And the signature lemon plus chilli made the simple dish more flavoursome – definitely good for a summer day! Enjoy your food!
Here’s some food I want to try next time:


P.S Something for the LOLS :P HAHAHAAH
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