Sunday, 17 November 2013

Re: Sculpture by the Sea 2013 :) Plus Food review at Moo Burger

Event Review: 
Sculpture by the Sea is a annual art event that happens around October - November every year. Sculptures and instillations are placed from Bondi beach all through to the next beach! Best thing about this event is that it’s absolutely FREE
This is an event I attend every year ever since 2008 or 2009, I really enjoy looking at sculptures while strolling near the beach also taking in the scenery of the beach. Definitely an event I would recommend going to! This year I managed to be able to go with a close bro of mine who took photos for me! Here are some of the ones I really loved! THANKS SHEN! :D 
BEACH IS BABe-ing <3

Carrying the weight of these rocks with these awesome people! 

Shen’s awesome photo of another favourite for this year! 

My favourite photo with my favourite sculpture but it’s on a camera for which I don’t have a cord :( 

For anyone interesting in attending or for more information: click here! 

1. Water - it’s a lot of walking so staying hydrated is so important! 
2. Camera - for obvious reasons
3. Sunglasses - to protect your eyes from the glare of Australian sun 
4. Sunscreen - the lovely organisers of this event provided FREE sunscreen in stands for everyone this year! But remember to put sunscreen on 20 minutes before actual sun exposure! 
5. Friends & family - this is an event great for family members to gather and walk around! Great bonding time but don't come with too many people because the walk way is pretty narrow so a huge group will take an entire path and block it for everyone else  :P 
<3 Lingfish 
Keep going for PHOTOS! And for FOOD REVIEWS :) 

My delicious Moo burger 


Location: ★★★★

SO Moo Burger Bondi is located right across from the beach so it's super close and 

convenient! :) 

Menu: ★★★★

The Menu was quite extensive and there were many different variations  of the normal staple burger! Definitely interesting to have avocados in burgers! 

Price: ★★★★

IT was really WELL PRICED! Especially because it was on a student special - 

$10! SO CHEAP!!!! 

Overall: ★★★★★

DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE! I wanna go again to give a proper review! 

Photo source: google :) and my pictures! 
♥ Lingfish~ 
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  1. I want to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ><"
    Might go next week & take tonnes of photo's! :P

    -Miss Sennnaa

    I WANNA GO WITH YOU and we'll post about it heheeh :3