Thursday, 5 December 2013

Review: Roses De Chloé Fragrance ♥

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Roses De Chloé is the newest fragrance to join the Chloe brand after the refreshingly musky See By Chloe. In Australia it was released in November and just recently a pop store started to promote the fragrance for the Christmas Holidays!! So this is just a review post about this wonderful new fragrance. 
The gorgeous bottle :)
Just a little background I actually work in fragrance selling and currently I'm working at the Chloe popup store but this is not a biased review! It's because I'm working with this fragrance literally ALL the time that I've smelt it very thoroughly and this are my honest perspectives about it. 
Roses is a woody floral fragrance with a top note of Bergamot essence and alcohol which the quickly settles in to the heart of Damascena rose essence which honestly is absolutely tender and beautiful! Many people who smell the perfume cards after I hand it to them (the cards are sprayed then some time left for them to settle) - will turn around and tell me how wonderful the scent is!! 
After reaching the heart of the fragrance there is a trail of magnolia accord, white musk and amber which are at the base note and helps to fragrance to stay on the skin. Because Roses is only available as an eau de Toilette the concentration and strength isn't over powering! It's an easy to wear fragrance really suitable for women of any age! 

It has an adorable bottle! Seriously the bow and the plates make this bottle such a collectable item in anyone's perfume collection! And at the moment our awesome pop up store has a special service where you can engrave the back of the metal part of the bottle - FOR FREE! :) to be honest I want a bottle for myself so badly right now! 
The store poster! 
So this is the gift pack where when you purchase the fragrance you also get a free body lotion and engraving service plus more freebies that we will throw in! *cough shameless plug cough* 
That's the pop up store which I'm working at! It's definitely fun but not without it's challenges! Hope for the best for the next week or so! Need to meet all my sales budgets (praying that I will so I can still have a job!!)
hehe I love this uniform!! <3
Here's me with my uniform looking sharp! :) The colour of the top is the most amazing thing! I adore this uniform to the maximum! 


P.S Roses are now one of my favourite flowers due to work - Let me show you why~



  1. I actually love their new perfume! Thanks for giving me sample, now I'm going to go for more and maybe purchase the full size laters :P
    You cutie!! :P

    -Miss Sennnaa

    1. :D YAYY! GET THE FULL SIZE!! especially at the pop up store! It's a lot better for your moneys!
      ngaww thanks love <3 and thanks for reading MWAMWA


  2. Awesome post :) I love your Chloe uniform!!!

    1. Awwww thank you :)
      its definitely my favourite uniform ever!!