Tuesday, 24 December 2013

TOP 3 Cosmetic and Skincare products for 2013!!

December is the busiest month of the year because it's my birthday (18th), Christmas (TODAY) and New Year's Eve (31st) as well! It's the season of celebrations, shopping and spending time with loved ones! Here are my three top picks for skin care and cosmetic products for 2013 - I really love these products and would recommend it for anyone. So lets get started:
My top 3! :D 

NUMBER 1: Maybelline Pure Mineral BB cream 

I've always used BB creams but I've always found the skin tone to be a little bit too off - too pale or too dark- this BB cream is PERFECT! I'm using the second colour of this range and it really blends perfectly with my skin tone! It's SPF 35 and PA +++ which means it's very good sun protections from UVA and UVB rays.

My favourite thing about this BB cream is the texture it's so smooth and glides on the face so effortless. It doesn't clog the pores and is so light to smooth out imperfections but not to create a cake face look. I really love this product and I use it EVERYDAY! It hasn't cause my skin a single problems so I love it tones! 

NUMBER 2: Daiso Eyeliner 

This eye liner is another product that I use every single day and cannot live without it! It's so CHEAP - $2.8 from any Daiso Store in Sydney! I really need to buy a few more! It's amazingly long lasting - IT DOESN'T SMUDGE! Seriously doesn't smudge at all and it can sometimes flake but it's so easy to remove! Absolutely love it! But the only thing is it's glittery which isn't all bad but some days I want just a black eye liner. The applicator can be a bit difficult to use at first but once you get used to it it's not a big deal!

The line can be very sharp and precise then this eye liner becomes such a life saver! Especially when I'm working long Christmas hours and out doors at the Pop up store! I never have to worry about re applying my eye liner! 

Number 3: Laneige Multi- Cleanser ♥

THIS IS MY GOLDEN PRODUCT! I lovelovelovelove it! Like the other two products I use it every day and seriously it's my favourite cleanser of ALL times! It's so easy to use and makes my skin feel amazing! So it's a makeup remover, foam cleanser and micro scrub as well! And as a lazy person it's such a time saver - removes my make up and gets read of dead cells? What else can I ask for! The beads in the scrub is soooo tiny that I can't feel the pressure again skin which is amazing because my skin is uber sensitive! :D 
The first picture is my current bottle and I'm almost finished - it'll be a sad day if I can't replace this amazing cleanser! I first saw it on Bubzbeauty and now I seriously cannot live without it! (also can't believe I'm an aspiring beauty blogger!) 
Here's the obligatory selfie at the end of every post! :P 


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