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Noobie Foodie│Lowenbrau at The Rocks!

Noobie Foodie Review Time:

Having been to Lowenbrau before just to drink with friends I have some slight idea about what it was like to drink German Beer but I had no idea what German food taste like! So it was definitely a different experience for me especially since I tend to always eat Asian food! 
the outside bar area and entrance looks like this! 
The inside seating area with the nice bricks :) 

Location: ★★★★☆ 

So Lowenbrau is located at The Rocks which is on the west side of Circular Quay, it's a great area for restaurants and because it's so close to Opera House and the Harbour Bridge there's quite a few number of tourists there! It's very easy to get to via bus then a short walk. The location is also great because there are lots of dessert options there - Lindt cafe and ice cream stores near by which is very convenient! 

Menu: ★★☆ ☆ ☆ 

Our very simple set menu! 
Because we went for a friend's 22nd birthday there was a set menu and only two choices were given on the set menu so there wasn't much choice at all (which was disappointing) but it did simplify the difficulties in trying to feed 20+ people. 

Taste:★★☆ ☆ ☆ 

To be honest I really didn't like the food as much as I would have liked (just wait til I get to prices). The only dish I really really loved was the entree which was just a simple pretzel but I really loved it because of the softness of the dough! But overall the meal was as good as what I was expected. I definitely wouldn't be going back for a LOOOONNNGGG time! The portions were huge too which is great if you have a big appetite but otherwise it's a bit much. 

Price: ★★☆ ☆ ☆ 

IT WAS SO EXPENSIVE! $56 for the meal!! My gosh! As a student and not a working professional with not much disposable income that is really steep! And not worthwhile in my opinion! Unless I got a female friend to come and share the meal with me then maybe it'll be worthwhile! 

Overall: ★★☆ ☆ ☆ 

Even though the experience was enjoyable because there was a lot of entertainment on the night - musicians (really enthusiastic old men who played instruments and danced around), competitions for  drinking and all other random things and my lovely friends who kept encouraging me to drink (HAHA) -the food really wasn't my favourite and the problem with so much noise was that I could barely have a functional conversations! It was a really busy restaurant and there were people everywhere! 
the nice and busy atmosphere~
As much as it was an interesting first taste of German food I definitely won't be returning to Lowenbrau anytime soon! 
Here is some detail information about the food~ 

The Haus Baked Bavarian Pretzel! It was definitely yummy~ A different appetiser to most other place! But the firmness of the dough plus the the taste of fresh baked bread (of any type) is just heavenly! OHH CARBS <3 

This was my main which was the signature German dish - Oven roasted Pork Knuckle with creamy mash potatoes and onions on the side! This dish was definitely worthwhile in terms of portion - it was MASSIVE! There was no way I would be able to finish one entire knuckle! But the true downside was the SALT - it was extremely salty especially combined with the sauce! The skin has a delicious crispy texture that I like but it was so salty I desperately got to the meat just to have some reduced saltiness. But the meat inside was pretty salty as well.. which is unfortunate because it meant I ate even less than normal. Salty food has never appealed to me!

The other option of the main was a Turkey Schnitzel with french fries and salad! I kind of wish I choose this dish instead because it didn't look salty and there were actually some fresh vegetables which would have been nice!

The dessert was Apple Strudel with Vanilla cream and whipped cream! It was very soft, juicy and sweet which definitely helped me to cleanse my palette of the saltiness from the pork knuckle but the issue was I was SO FULL that eating the dessert was a definitely challenge!

I gave in to peer pressure and drank..not a lot! Just a gin and tonic which was quite refreshing and delicious! :)
 Promise I didn't finish that crazy beer - my arms were shaking just holding it up while taking this selfie! But the beer did have a nicer taste compared to Australian beer! 

Birthday Boy :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 


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