Sunday, 8 December 2013

Rose Tinted Glasses – Bailey and Nelson (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

"Seeing life through Rose tinted glasses" ♥
About few weeks ago my blogger friend Miss Senna invited me to head to a Bailey and Nelson store in Paddington for a review post on their sunglasses - of course I happily accepted the invitation! So here's my blog post regarding the awesome glasses I received from Bailey and Nelson! 
My favourite photo <3 SAO COOL! 
The store is located at 57 William Street in Paddington and as typical tourists we got lost so it took quite a bit of time just getting to the store! During our adventure we also accidentally got distracted by another Bailey and Nelson store on the way and it was quite a lovely store so that really made me excited!

Totally irrelevant to anything but there was a fish bowl at the store with a gold fish in it! And as my title is Lingfish I got really excited about that! (Yes I'm easily amused) :DD 

Intro to the Bailey and Nelson brand:

 This is an Australian brand that originated from Sydney! It was first ever sold in the markets by the three blokes that created the brand (ironically none of them were named Bailey or Nelson) and that day we spoke to one of the originators - Scott. What really amazed me was the easy going and laid back ambience of the store combined with the really simple and organised layout of the glasses it made browsing effortless! 

 The Sunglasses:

We were given a choice of which sunglasses we wanted to try and review - now in terms of decision making it was really challenging (not just because of my indecisive nature) but mainly due to my face structure. I have a typical Asian flat nose with high cheek bones and a round shape so choosing sunglasses that compliment is pretty challenging! After much trying and sampling I choose the Shelley in Rose! 
The frontal view of Shelley! 
Side view of shelley! 
Features of Shelley:
- oversized = great for really big faces
- square shape = creates more structure for round faces
- Rose/pink frames = compliments my pale skin tone
- brown lens = not too harsh and brightens everything when you put them on
- polarised lens = better for your eyes because it cuts off 99% of Glare from the sun! 
- medium sized arms = not too fragile that I can break it or too bulky that seats uncomfortably on my ears! 
Ain't they prettyyyyy~ 

After thoughts:

Honestly I've been wearing these glasses everyday and they're really easy to wear! Super comfortable and it really stands out because I wear so much black. They have a retro hipster look to them which is what I really like! The fact that the sunnies have their own names is pretty cool too! I'll definitely be continuing to wear these :D 
Because my phone totally stopped functioning while I was at the store I couldn't take any notes and not many photos either so I decided to have a photo shoot based on them! :) 
Enjoy the photos! 
With the beautiful flowers in Hyde Park :) 
Pretending to read! The books was about atoms.. ERR chemistry nightmares!
heheh More photos of my gorgeous glasses! <3 
Serious business TEXTING awww YEAH! :P 
The obligatory selfie - ALL DAY ERR DAY! 
All jokes aside I was really grateful for this opportunity! Thank you to Scott, Miss Senna (check out her blog) and YoungTae my wonderful photographer! If only I got to this kind of stuff ALL the time~ instead of working SO MUCH! D:

♥ Lingfish~ 


  1. Yayyy!!!
    I love the shoots! Looks great :D
    We need our holiday hun hun!! <3

    -Miss Sennnaa

      we need the promo picturesss! :P PROMO AS BDAY PRESSIE! HAHA