Tuesday, 31 December 2013

NEW YEAR – Fireworks & Quotes for 2014! ♠

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Watching live fireworks every new year's eve has become a crazy tradition for me because my family ALWAYS did it! And this year was no exception! :) My photography skills are very poor at the moment and taking good firework photos is extremely challenging so here are some photos from The City of Sydney! <3

Absolutely stunning fireworks! Watching it in person is the best feeling out there~ And my mum had a saying - the noise and the bang of the fireworks will destroy any of the problems you had in the past year so that you can move on to the new year problem-less and FRESH! That's reason why watching the fireworks for me is so important! 
That was my Outfit for New Year's Eve! I never wear colour but I decided for 2014 I should wear something that I normally wouldn't! AND I ran into this adorable minion drawing hehe couldn't help but take a tourist photo! 
New Year's Wishes for everyone: 
I sincerely wish everyone a wonderful year filled with laughter, fun and happy times! Sometimes life can be very challenging and we end up in terrible situations but take everything life throws at you as a lesson to learn from and always remember in time everything will pass :) STAY STRONG and SOLDIER ON! 
HERE are some wonderful quotes to start off your 2014:

These are the things I myself am trying to remember as the year brings its roller coaster ride! :D BRING IT ON 2014!! 
instead of obligatory selfie- it's a photo of me taking a selfie hahah xD 



  1. YES!! COLOUR!! & minion!! so cute!!! now i'm going go snap a pic of is before it goes away :P

    -Miss Sennnaa
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      The minion is adorable!!