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Updated: New Year’s Resolution – 2014! ♥

It's a NEW YEAR! Time for a NEW YOU! 
Only a few more days left in 2013 - it's been a crazy insanely tiring and very educational year! I will definitely write a recap post later on! This post is about my new years resolution/goals for next year - writing these have become a habit since first year university and whatever is Number One will become top priority and I always work super hard towards it. For the past two years my new year's resolution has been to meet as new people as possible and make many friends! I've definitely done that~ But this year it shall be different!! So here are my resolutions in different sections:


1. Blog once a week - consistently write blog posts for 52 weeks!! Hopefully publish every monday?? 
2. Do MORE photo shoots - at least twice a month! 
3. Regularly read blogs! 
4. START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL - I've been addicted to YT for 5 years now and I've always wanted to start a YT channel but never had the guts to so this year I want to take a leap of faith and try it out! 
5. Learn how to use my DSLR camera - so that I can take pretty photos for my blog without someone helping me out and that way I can also film good quality videos! :)
- PROJECT 365: Taking a photo everyday and Posting it on my either my blog/Instagram/Fb page! :) 
6. Collaborations with friends on my blog? - just an idea who knows if this is really going to work??
7. Daily Quotes on my Facebook page - finally I have a space to share all the random quotes and pictures I've been saving for sooo long! :D YAYY 
8. Learn more about Beauty and Skin Care - Utilise my chemistry knowledge fully! 
Read more for my personal resolutions! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO HURHUR 


1. Learn how to be independent - so the story is I shall be living on my own from 2015 so I need 2014 to prepare and become a capable adult *shudder* time to get into my housewife training! Honestly I'm on page 0 for the majority of these things! 
- Cooking - healthy meals that can be prepared easily! 
- Cleaning/Washing clothes/Organising 
- How to pay bills/rent/water fees
- Time management & balancing between uni, house chores, socialising, dance & work! 
This is definitely my biggest goal for 2014 & I don't know if it's really a resolution! 
2. Dance Practice everyday  - I really miss dancing ever since my life just seems to revolve work at the moment (thanks Boxing Day) and in 2014 I would really love to learn more dance in both the foundations & choreography so that I can level up!  (Secretly)....So keen to join a  dance crew but you didn't read that here.. OH and I want to try Pole Dancing! 
3. GRADUATE UNIVERSITY - another huge goal/resolution for 2014! It's my last year in Pharmacy so I really need to do well and graduate (hopefully with a credit WAM because I'm thinking of studying Masters)! 
4. Improve my language skills - not just in English but Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and Korean as well! Ok this one to be honest is a little difficult to attain so I'm not going to go crazy trying to learn every language! 
5. Stretch every morning and every night - I want to be able to do the splits by the end of 2014! 
6. GET FIT - This is the same resolution I set myself every year but it never really happens just because I start getting really busy but this year I would really like to stick with it! Not just so I can look better (not that it's a bad thing) but more so I can be stronger and it'll definitely help me to be a better dancer! Exercising regular and eating right! 
7. Meet new people and make friends (as always) but also DEVELOP and GROW my friendships with people - for the past 2 years I've been so focused on the process of making new friends I've actually neglected a lot of people! It's definitely not a good thing and I want to change that it 2014! So spend more time with the friends I already have and make time for them! 
8. Become a better Listener and Effective talker - I like talking A LOT but listening is definitely not one of my stronger points so I definitely would like to work on improving my communication skills! 
9. READ MORE - seriously I do not read enough! In 2014 I want to read at least 50 books (that's a huge jump from maybe 10 this year!) Please recommend me some books if possible in the comment section! :) 
10.  Save up money for my future trips - because I'll be living by myself soon and money will become very tight I want to start a USA trip fund so that I can go in July of 2014 who knows if it'll happen or not but I'll stay hopeful! I also really want to go on exchange...Maybe one day! 
And that wraps up all my New Year's resolutions for 2014! I didn't go in crazy details but I'm going to write a plan about how I'll achieve each thing and the goals that are aligned with it! Let's hope I can maintain the motivation and drive that I feel right now! :)
Again obligatory selfie :P I LOVE MY TIFFANY and Co Necklace <3 


UPDATE: so after going to the doctors & bank today I decided to update and add on to my new years resolutions! HERE GOES:
11. Take care of my physical health - this year I've had so many health difficulties that visiting the doctors have become a routine! That is definitely not a good thing so in 2014 I want to take better care of my health! Physically, mentally & emotionally a well! 
12. MANAGE MY MONEY WELL - in my case I need to learn HOW to manage my money well because to be honest I have NO IDEA! Bad asian...
13. Get my Ls and LEARN TO DRIVE - honestly most people get their Ls at the age of 16 whilst I haven't at the age of 22.. clearly I need to step up my game and stop leeching rides of my friends! 
14. SPEND MORE TIME AND EFFORT ON FAMILY - after my Dad called me recently from China I realised how much I've neglected my family for this year and I really need to deepen my bonds with my parents! Because as sad as it is they're not going to be here forever! 
THAT IS IT FOR 2014! :) Lots to achieve but I don’t think I’ll set crazy expectations as long as I can achieve some I’ll be happy~

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