Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas and Birthday Gift List ♥

It’s that time of year is currently my all time favourite saying right now and to be honest that happens every year around December! To give some background – I was born on December the 18th which is in 6 days time and I’ll be turning 22 (SO OLD!) and a week later it’ll be Christmas Day so this time of year is always very hectic in one way or another!
At the moment I’m working in two retail positions – one just as a Christmas casual so this year December really is extremely hectic (especially since I started both jobs a couple of weeks ago)! So this is my Christmas & Birthday Wish List because I haven’t had time to actually shop. Hopefully after my contract ends I’ll have a permanent position and some spare time to shop for the things on this list!

1. Luxury Bag – Prada, Louis Vitton or Michael Kors

A few years ago I used to think that a branded bag is a useless item and wasn’t really necessary but it seems the older I get the more expensive my taste gets and my appreciation for branded bags have definitely grown to a point where I can see the purpose of buying them now! Hence it’s top of my list.
The Neverfull LV tote in chocolate! 
This Louis Vuitton tote is currently really high on list – ironically the bag is called Neverfull and there are two materials I love the chocolate and the blue colour are both amazing! It retails at $1120 which is really expensive for a hand bag so this may be a purpose for the future! 

This Prada bag in light blue is another one of my favourites but the issue is it’s around $2000 and that is WAYY too much for a bag! And recently I’ve seen the bag on everyone so now I’m not so sure that I’ll get it. Especially since it’s pretty small (I like moderate size bags) so it’s a hmmm for me!
This is the last bag I’ve been really interested in recently – YES it’s very very common but it’s definitely A LOT more afforable than the LV or Prada! Retailing at $299.925 it’s actually a can-do so I shall wait til the busy period of work is finished then look into getting one! The red colour of this bag is gorgeous as well!

2. Cosmetics – Urban Decay and EYELINER

The Naked 3 palette came out maybe a few weeks ago and ever since then I’ve been dying to get my hands on it because to be honest I’ve never owned ANY of the Naked Palettes so it would be a great gift for myself! This year I’ve had the eye shadow put on me due to a dance performance and I LOVEEEEE the palette! If only I lived in America where Sephora is so accessible! Then I would probably buy all 3 palettes (Yes I’m greedy!)

Due to the fact that my favourite eyeliner has dried out (read about it HERE) I’ve been looking for another amazing eye liner that won’t smudge so something like this Sephora would have been perfect!

3.  BOOKS!

I’ve always found the library to be more comforting than my actual home sometimes especially when I’m moving around so books really bring me a sense of home and familiarity! Unfortunately I gave away all my childhood books during my last move because we moved such a great distance that it wasn’t really a good idea to move 20kgs of books! But I really want to grow my book collection!
I would really like some more suggestions of what to read because I really don’t know any good authors in english literature except my best friend loves Neil Gaiman so I’m most likely going to grab a copy of Stardust for my leisure reading!

I personally am OBSESSED about Higashino Keigo who is a Japanese Crime fiction writer who I discovered last year when I went back to China. Once I started reading his books I couldn’t stop so I had 3 sleepless nights just to finish a novel - Byakuyakō! It really was one of the most thoughtfully written, dark and haunting books I’ve ever read and to this day my favourite crime fiction novel! I’ve read a lot of his work and his style really is something I admire! So this Christmas I shall be getting a few of his new Chinese translated works!
The penguin classic books are also another favourite! Absolutely adorable covers and amazing stories – I want to collect an entire book shelf!

4. Camera – Compact or DSLR?

To be honest right now I’m shooting with my friends camera so I know it’s really important for me to get my own camera but I really don’t know which model what brand? It’s really confusing and frustrating to choose!

That’s the Sony DSC RX 100 that my friend lend me and I quite like the camera even though I don’t really know how to use it really well! But the quality of the photos is very good! But then I also really like DSLRS!

So there you have it~ there are a few more things I want to get like Guitar, Ukulele, shoes and jewellery (Tiffany & co) but I’m going to wait and buy them not as a gift! Especially since I need shoes so badly right now! HAHA


Obligatory selfie :P

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